Pirate Master: Abandon Ship! Every Man For Himself!

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Pirate Master: Abandon Ship! Every Man For Himself!

Piratemaster_2 Pirate Master
Title: Debut: “I Want That Treasure”
Aired: 5/31/07

The latest reality show from Mark “I Never Even Knew What It’s Like to Want To Be A Millionaire” Burnett opens on a fog-sacked river under an ominous moon. A rowboat eases past a ragged sail, billowing slow like it has a contagious fever. It’s a scene straight out of Dickens or Melville or Stevenson! Except for the dreadlocked dude with spirals shaved into his beard and the rest of the assorted fanny packs rowing the boat.

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Mya In The Shower? That’s A Show

Mya Starpulse News reports that R&B star Mya has signed to host an MTV talent show, but unlike “American Idol,” this time the hopefuls will sing…in…the…shower. Alas, MTV promises no nudity. But, uh, gee, anyone else expecting little tiny thongs? Jai Rodriguez and Drew Lachey will also judge.

Mentos And Diet Coke All Around! Daytime Emmys Nod To Internet Content

Web content is a huge issue in TV today, from shows making broadband-only spinoff mini-episodes to writers and actors trying to get a bigger share of online revenue. So perhaps it’s only appropriate that the Daytime Emmys will honor Internet content this year. With help from MySpace users, the Emmys nominated content for computers, cellphones and handheld devices in several categories.

Totally Frakked: “Lost” Season 3 DVD Only A Really Long Arm’s Reach Away

Lostdvd“Lost” fans rejoice, now you can pay $39.98 to wait breathlessly for the  to be released.  Amazon has the 7-disc set “Lost” Season 3 DVD available for pre-order today. Just the the series, however, they’re going to make you wait – until December 11th for the actual release.

The upside of this long wait is the payoff in special features.  The DVD set will include a series of flashbacks that have never been seen before, along with a “24 hours in filming” featurette, an interview with Matthew Fox and a featurette about the Others.  Along with all this will be the usual audio commentaries, outtakes and deleted scenes.  Knowing “Lost,” it will probably also have a cryptographic puzzle that provides you with a sequence of numbers which leads you to a hidden pirate ship filled inexplicably with old Teddy Ruxpin dolls and a recording of a woman’s voice pleading for help in Portuguese.  And then a polar bear eats you.

The December 11th release may seem a long way off, but don’t forget that the Season 2 DVD release was bumped up a bit, so we may have equal luck with season 3.

Morning News: “Battlestar: Galactica” Crashes

Battlestar_3 The Hollywood Reporter says the fourth season of “Battlestar: Galactica” will be its last. An announcement from producers is expected today. “Battlestar: Galactia” resumes new episodes in November. … The industry paper also says Jeremy Sisto will join “Law & Order,” and that A.J.’s former fiancee on “The Sopranos,” actress Dania Ramirez, will join “Heroes” in the fall. … BuzzSugar picks the Top 10 Ladies of Summer.

Tonight’s Picks: Friday, June 1

Funniest3 TV’s Funniest Moments
Brad Garrett, who’s funny just standing still, hosts a Museum of Radio and Television clipstravaganza featuring the best from sitcoms, late-night and sketch-comedy shows.
Donalc Edge of Existence
Discovery Channel examines how primitive societies manage to survive in the modern world, beginning with the desert nomads known as Bedouins. Donal MacIntyre hosts.
Vala2 Stargate SG1
Fred Willard guests as Vala’s father, whose potential as an intelligence source may be compromised by the fact that he’s a con artist.

‘Lost’ Producers Talk Turkey About Spoilers and Season Four

Lost Rule number one: Don’t mess with Lost fans. After season three’s finale twist was leaked on the Internet weeks before airing, some devoted fans started firing blame arrows at the show’s producers. Now, the Lost geniuses are opening up about the whole incident and telling us absolutely nothing specific about season four.

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No, Not Even A Mild Surprise: David Hyde Pierce Is Gay

Davidhydepiercee The bloggers at TV Squad have a good chuckle with the “news” that the former “Frasier” co-star David Hyde Pierce is a gay man. Of course five minutes after Niles hit the stage, we all knew, right?

Latest Thing in Reality TV: “The Big Donor Show”

Doctors Maybe you could call it “Who Wants to Be Alive?” or “Survivor: Organ Failure.” The Dutch creators of “Big Brother” have a new concept they acknowledge is their most tasteless yet: “The Big Donor Show.” It features three contestants with severe kidney disease trying to win the favor of a woman with terminal cancer. She’ll pick the one she feels is most deserving and award the grand prize: one of her kidneys. (She’s keeping the other, which will be enough to keep her alive for her remaining time; her remaining organs will probably not be usable after her death due to damage from the cancer).

The Dutch government has criticized the show, but says they can’t stop it: it’s horrible, but apparently legal, because everyone involved is mentally sound, at least by the legal definition, and has agreed to do it.

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Your clip’n’save summer premiere schedule

Ramsay It’s after the jump, and features premiere dates for new and returning shows from “Hell’s Kitchen” to “John From Cincinnati.” If you’re old school, you can print it out and tape it to the refrigerator. Or you can just bookmark it and use the MeeVee Program Details links, where available, to find out more.

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“So You Think You Can Dance?” Well, uh, no.

Sytycd_logo Give Me My Remote has an hilarious recap of “So You Think You Can Dance.” Rarely does television criticism involve both a shoutout to Capt. Morgan rum and the phrase “The Kids With No Limbs.” (Except maybe on a show about fetal alcohol syndrome, come to think of it.)

Duckyxdale also recaps the “So You Think You Can Dance” festivities.

A+ news for fans of “Kyle XY”

Kylexy The second season of ABC Family sci fi series “Kyle XY” begins on Monday, June 11, but as our friends at Televisionista report, the alphabet network will pick up at least the first four episodes of the show to air on the following Friday via broadcast, beginning June 15. The TV Addict notes that this is especially good news for Canadian fans of “Kyle XY,” since ABC Family isn’t available in the Molsonland.

Morning News & Views: “Law & Order,” “The View,” YouTube

Fred Former U.S. Senator Fred Thompson has asked out of his role as the district attorney on “Law & Order” to concentrate on his possible presidential run, producer Dick Wolf says. Ironically, Thompson was seen on HBO Sunday night playing a president – Ulysses S. Grant – “Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee.” No word yet on a replacement. … The latest hopefuls to replace Rosie O’Donnell on “The View” include Roseanne Barr and Wanda Sykes. … YouTube cuts a deal with Apple to make all its content available viav the Apple TV settop box. … Tim Goodman and his readers rate the networks’ seasons and there aren’t a lot of A’s being handed out.

Totally Frakked: “Hex” – One Good Reason To Watch BBC America

Hex On Saturday, June 2, “Hex” will return with its far too long awaited second season on BBC America.  For those of you who missed its first season – which in the US would be almost all of you – “Hex” is a slick, sexy modern fantasy show about a pretty blonde superhero and her lesbian friend.  Yes, yes, we know that premise sounds familiar, but beyond the hair color and the sapphic friend, the show bears little similarity to Buffy.

The show started out following Cassie, a tragically unhip art school student, and her best friend Thelma.  In the pilot Cassie inherits some witchy powers, and with the help of Thelma, she tries to figure out exactly what’s going on and who the mysterious Azazel is.

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Tonight’s Picks: Thursday, May 31

Piratemaster2 Pirate Master
“Survivor” producer Mark Burnett creates what seems like a spinoff, set aboard ship in the Caribbean – but with intrigue and hidden treasure, and we hope some plank-walking and eyepatches too.

Spelling2 The 2007 Scripps National Spelling Bee
No swords or planks here, just a lot of “nascent” and “pluperfect” and other hard words that we swear we didn’t have to look up, really. Robin Roberts of “Good Morning America” hosts.
Starter2 The Starter Wife
Two-hour premiere of the six-hour miniseries. Debra Messing is getting sterling reviews for her role as a woman who finds out what really matters when her husband throws her over for another woman.

The doctor’s TV family comes apart on “House”

House_2 Rumors are that someone is leaving the Princeton-Plainsboro team this fall, and the “House” season finale last night significantly confused the differential diagnosis of who that might be. Read no further if you don’t want spoilers.

The patient of the week was a young Cuban woman who kept talking after her heart stopped, but the real drama centered on House’s staff. By the end of the hour, all three of the cranky doctor’s medical minions had taken their scalpels and gone home. Foreman left just as he’d vowed, House fired Chase in a moment of seeming randomness, and Cameron quit, apparently just to make a set.

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Online Petition To Fire Elisabeth Hasselbeck Surfaces

Elisabethhasselbeck Just days after her televised spat with Rosie O’Donnell, Elisabeth Hasselbeck is finding herself on the wrong side of an online petition to fire her from The View. The conservative co-host has clearly rattled some cages, and a few thousand viewers are calling for her head.

Find out what the petition says at The Hollywood Gossip >>

Morning ink: “How I Met Your Mother” online, “Starter Wife”

Howimetyourmother Variety assesses the online efforts of “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS  and others. “Last fall, the flagging CBS/20th Century Fox sitcom created an anonymous MySpace page honoring fictional pop star Robin Sparkles. When Sparkles was introduced on the show’s Nov. 20 episode, the MySpace page attracted 5,000 new friends — and the show snagged more than 1 million new viewers.” … Debra Messing gets a stellar review from the Hollywood Reporter for her role in “The Starter Wife,” debuting Thursday on USA. (see contest below.) … The New York Times eyes the fan fight to save CBS’ “Jericho.” The Times also is less than enthralled with “Hidden Palms” but admires the milieu, noting, “Mr. Williamson has created a sick world, but one for which you wouldn’t mind having the swatches.”

Totally Frakked: “Heroes” Gets New Characters, Keeps Some Old Ones; No Word On Spandex Suits

Heroes With no new “Heroes” in sight until fall, all the fan boys – certainly not me, I’m above such things – are scouring the internet, finding out what’s on deck for season 2.  There’s an awful lot of speculation floating around, but also some good hard facts from Tim Kring and other sources on the “Heroes” team.

It’s a delicate tightrope to walk; they want to give us enough to keep us interested until “Heroes” is back on the airwaves, but with a breakout hit there’s always a danger of oversaturating the public.  Not to mention the expectation that season 2 needs to outperform season 1 in order to impress the fans. Will Heroes pull out the impress a second time, or will season 2 be one of those  “troublesome sophomore efforts”?

Of course, be forewarned that what lies on the jump is a wretched hive of spoilers and villainy, etc, etc.  Don’t read on unless you want to know what’s in store.

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Starter Kit for “The Starter Wife”

Starterwifecontest_3 In the new USA miniseries, “The Starter Wife,” Debra Messing stars as Molly Keegan – a woman who has the red carpet pulled out from under her when her high powered movie studio exec husband ups and leaves her for another woman. So what are the essentials that Molly needs to rebuild her life?  Well there’s her family, her friends, and her Malibu Survival Kit.  And lucky for you TV with MeeVee has a Malibu Survival Kit just for you.

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Miss USA has an oopsy on the Miss Universe telecast

Give Me My Remote offers what will no doubt be the YouTube champion of the week, footage of Miss USA Rachel Smith taking an embarrassing tumble during the big Miss Universe pageant on Monday night.

MeeVee Exclusive: “Hidden Palms” star Taylor Handley

Taylor_handleyTaylor Handley is no stranger to Palm Springs. He was born in Santa Barbara, so Palm Springs was a regular destination growing up as a kid. Now that kid is grown up and starring in the new CW series “Hidden Palms” debuting tonight. He’s had lots of roles in lower-budgeted Hollywood movies like “Jack Frost” and some mainstream TV shows over the past decade, including “The O.C.” and a short stint on “Dawson’s Creek” (which “Hidden Palms” creator Kevin Williamson also helmed). Now Handley has finally landed his starring role. How does he feel about the stardom being the Dawson Leery of a new Millennium? MeeVee’s own Steve Czarnecki caught up with Taylor to find out.

What are the challenges in playing the character of Johnny Miller?
Well, the show is about a mysterious murder and about growing up, there’s a big mystery that my character Johnny needs to figure out… someone kills themselves in front of him and he now is asking, Why did he have to do it in front of me? Why do I have to be the last person he saw? So it’s a dramatic journey for the character.

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Tonight’s Picks: Wednesday, May 30

Kevin2 Hidden Palms
“Dawson’s Creek” creator Kevin Williamson is behind this moody teen drama set in Palm Springs, which features the usual angst and romance with a healthy dose of mystery. Taylor Handley stars as the new kid in town.

Next Best Thing: Who Is The Next Great Celebrity Impersonator

You know it’s summer when the reality/game shows get this niche-y. The judges are the comedians Jeffrey Ross, Lisa Ann Walter and Elon Gold.

Shear2 Shear Genius
Three finalists meet their fate – and the assessing eye of guest judge Vidal Sassoon – in the season finale.

Nicole Richie Refuses to Visit Mom In Hospital

Nicolerichie Nicole Richie may not win daughter of the year. The Simple Life star has not visited her mother in the hospital as mom recovers from a major surgery, proving that feuds run deeper than blood.

Get the full scoop over at The Hollywood Gossip >>

Kathy Griffin Weighs In On Rosie’s ‘View’ Exit

Rosieodonnell Funny woman Kathy Griffin is dishing about the recent on-air spat between Rosie O’Donnell and Elisabeth Hasselbeck (and Rosie’s decision to bail out three weeks before the end of her contract). Griffin, who is good friends with O’Donnell, says that it was the The View‘s decision to sensationalize the fight with a split-screen effect that pushed Rosie over the edge.

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Man behind “The Office,” “Ugly Betty” to get top NBC job

Our blogger friends like Give Me My Remote have been all over it for days, but it looks like official word will come within hours that Kevin Reilly is out as NBC Entertainment president, to be replaced by production honcho Ben Silverman. Silverman’s Reveille Productions repurposed Britain’s “The Office” and the Latin-American telenovela “Ugly Betty” into primetime hits for NBC and ABC. … UPDATE: It happened.

Mischa Barton, Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, oy!

Mischa_barton Young Hollywood’s Memorial Day parade route ran straight through the emergency room. Either these young women are addicted to partying without the necessary constitution (viz. Keith Richards) or else going completely off the rails has simply become a good attention-getting move. We already reported what happened to Lindsay Lohan in the early hours of Saturday. Now from Hollyscoop comes word that former “The O.C.” star  Mischa Barton had to be hospitalized after a BBQ Sunday. Most reports have it as a bad combination of a few drinks and antibiotics, although at least one blog says it was street drugs. Hollyscoop Nicole Richie was at the same bash and she collapsed later too. … UPDATED: Check out these very messed-up pix of Lindsay Lohan less than 48 hours after her bust. Apparently she’s on her way back to rehab, and not a moment too soon.

MeeVee Exclusive with “Hidden Palms” Creator Kevin Williamson

Kevin_williamson North Carolina native Kevin Williamson seems to focus on teen-related drama. With hits like TV’s Dawson’s Creek and the Scream film series under his belt, Williamson has returned with a whole new show full of fresh teen faces, current teen slang and the all-too-familiar teen problems that seem to carry from one generation to the next. MeeVee’s own Steve Czarnecki recently caught up with Kevin and got the word on the upcoming CW series Hidden Palms.

This show has drawn comparisons to Scream meets Dawson’s Creek, Is it more horror or more a suspense driven show?
More suspense, I don’t know? It wasn’t a goal to do a hybrid. I wanted to tell a story, it’s a very suspenseful story that was the underlining sort of drive, and certainly our main character Johnny’s drive. It is a family drama, a teen drama, it’s quirky. It has jumps, scares, creepiness, unsettling and unnerving moments, but we tried to keep it all character-based, and so the mystery is formed by the characters rather than being plot-based.

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Tonight’s Picks: Tuesday, May 29

Ratner On The Lot
Three contestants in the Hollywood version of “Survivor” are eliminated after an audience “box office” vote on their short films.

House House
A Cuban couple makes a desperate journey to have House diagnose the wife’s illness, but things only get worse once they arrive at the hospital. Plus, Forman’s departure could be at hand.

Dozier Flashpoint
CBS News special, subtitled “Kimberly Dozier and the Army’s Fourth ID – A Story of Bravery, Recovery and Lives Forever Changed,” looks at the aftermath of a single explosion in Iraq that killed four, including two members of a CBS crew.

MeeVee Video Top 5: Competition – “Survivor: Fiji,” “Dancing with the Stars” and more

Colosseum Great moments of competition in history: Roman gladiators battle in the Colosseum. Jesse Owens’ achievements in the 1936 Olympic games. Jordin Sparks wins “American Idol.” OK, maybe the last one was a stretch, but competition amongst TV celebs and reality-show stars is a phenomenon that has virtually overtaken television today. During the Roman era, fans’ input of either a raised or downward pointed thumb influenced the fate of a gladiator’s life. Nowadays, TV competitors fall victim to either a maniacal TV judge or the more anonymous “text decider” in which the amount of text message votes determine a contestant’s fate. We truly live in a crazy world!
Our five exclusive videos this week focus on competition.

Check the latest dramatic climax from “Survivor: Fiji.” Play the online game of “1 vs. 100.” Honestly, do you have anything better to do?  Catch clips of the sister shows “So You Think You Can Dance?” and “Dancing with the Stars.” Finally, we have a talented singer/songwriter featured on our YouTube Clip of the Week. Having split personalities has never been so funny!

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Charles Nelson Reilly dies at 76

Welcome TV’s first big gay icon died this weekend. Charles Nelson Reilly was an accomplished stage actor and director with a Tony award on his shelf and multiple nominations, but he’ll always be remembered for his flamboyant appearance and smutty one-liners on game shows including “The Match Game” and “Hollywood Squares.” Some 30 years before Ellen DeGeneres came out on her sitcom, Reilly got away with a torrent of double entendres – and he wore an ascot! Although you could criticize him as a big, flaming stereotype, you could also say he (and near-contemporary Paul Lynde) helped open the door for those who have come after. Amazing side note: According to his Wikipedia bio, anyway, Reilly survived the legendary Hartford Circus Fire in 1944. The Times says his only immediate survivor is his partner, Patrick Hughes.

Tonight’s Picks: Monday, May 28

Miss2 Miss Universe 2007
Vanessa Minnillo and Mario Lopez host this year’s pageant, live from Mexico City’s National Auditorium. Contestants from 75 countries from around the world compete for the title.

Ex2 The Ex-Wives Club
No, it’s not a Jackie Collins novel. (Well, maybe it is,  but…) This is a new reality series in which traumatized dumpees learn about moving on from Angie Everhart, Shar Jackson and Marla Maples, who’ve been there, baby.

Riches2 The Riches
Doug’s old friend visits, and it’s best that he not find out what the family is up to. We can understand that. Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver star.

Lindsay Lohan update: Lilo fails to lie low

Lilo Seems the self-destructive, post-rehab waif Lindsay Lohan managed to crash her car not far from her house at 5:30 a.m. Saturday. On Sunset Boulevard, naturally. Got herself popped for suspicion of DUI. And the cops found “a usable amount” of cocaine in her car. Paris Hilton going to jail? Still funny. But there’s a certain desperation in Lohan’s behavior that’s just sucking all the comedy right out of this ongoing drama. Hollyscoop has all the details, or visit  Top 10 Sources for more.


Big surprise: Rosie O’Donnell leaves “The View” in a huff

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Big surprise: Rosie O’Donnell leaves “The View” in a huff

RosieReally, it had to happen this way, didn’t it? Rosie O’Donnell’s time on “The View” is ending not with a handshake or a whimper, but with snarling and growling and hurt feelings all around. Plus a note of jerkwad triumph from Donald Trump. They’re trying to put a good face on it, but Rosie’s leaving her TV pals three weeks before the end of her contract because, well, they’re just sick of each other.

It all makes more sense than the make-nice, smile-for-the-camera, “Rosie is moving on” announcement a couple of weeks ago when both sides said, gosh darn it, they just couldn’t reach a deal for her to continue. The big dust-up Rosie had with co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck earlier this week was the last straw. They may have touched on war and politics, but the real subject was their mutual loathing.

Give Me My Remote has the statement – and the video of their fight. And E! Online has a good version of the whole story, including the scoop on Rosie’s head writer drawing moustaches on pictures of Hasselbeck around the office.

Totally Frakked: “Smallville” actor updates Flash Gordon

Flash3_l_2Eric Johnson of Smallville fame is pleased as punch to tell everyone about his upcoming role as Flash Gordon.  In an interview with EW, Johnson discussed his role, and the general neat-o cool of Flash.  The show will be premiering on the SciFi Network this fall. Flash Gordon has been portrayed by roughly 5 million different actors before, so Johnson is eager to put his own stamp on the role.

Who do you think the show will appeal to the most?
“I think it’s going to appeal to a lot of people. It’s been amazing, in my initial experiences talking about the show, how many men in their 40s into their 60s just light up when you mention Flash Gordon. And I don’t think there’s a 13-year-old boy in the world who isn’t going to think this is the coolest show ever. Frickin’ ray guns! How cool is that?”

Gee willikers wow. Read the full interview at EW.com >>

Weekend Picks: May 26-27

Pandemic2 Pandemic
Germs on a plane! And it lands in L.A. And bad things happen. Tiffani Thiessen stars in this Hallmark Channel thriller, but she’ll have a hard time being heard between scenery-chewers Faye Dunaway, Eric Roberts and French Stewart.

Beach2 Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee
HBO explores the tragedy of the Lakota Sioux from Little Big Horn to Wounded Knee in this adaptation of Dee Brown’s 1970 bestseller, starring Adam Beach and Aidan Quinn.

Flag2 National Memorial Day Concert
Natalie Cole and Josh Turner are among the headliners at the annual salute to our military, hosted this year by Gary Sinise and Joe Mantegna.

“American Idol” finale ratings down sharply

Jordinwins They should have kept Sanjaya in there. Wednesday night’s coronation of Jordin Sparks as our next “American Idol” got huge ratings – except by the standards of last year’s finale. AP reports Some 30.7 million tuned in to Fox to watch Sparks beat out beatboxer Blake Lewis for the crown. That’s compared to the 36.4 million who watched Taylor Hicks take the title last year. And it comes amid a general drop in TV viewing.

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“So You Think You Can Dance” returns

Sytycdheader Our blogger pal DuckyxDale’s enthusiasm for the return of “So You Think You Can Dance” on Thursday night is positively contagious. For him the show is a harbinger of summer, even with the spastic and downright hazardous early-stage auditions by no-hope hoofers. Check out his complete recap.

Donny Osmond and clan return to TV: The horror, the horror

Donny AP reports that seven Osmond siblings –  Donny, Marie, Alan, Wayne, Merrill, Jay, and Jimmy – will reunite for two August shows at a Las Vegas hotel, which will be taped for a PBS special next March. Now there is no law against an Osmond family reunion – not yet, anyway – but I really have to wonder if this is what the Founding Fathers intended in 1776 when they created public television. Donny and Marie, together again, singing “Puppy Love” – our tax dollars at work?? Write your congressman now.

“Lost”: Still Waiting for Answers!

Lost Our friends over at the TV Addict liked the “Lost” season finale and everything, but they still have a few  questions (OK, 15) they’d like answered by the ABC series. Such as, Where did Michael and Walt really go?  And, Why can Desmond see the future?

Tonight’s Picks: Friday, May 25

Lara Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Rerun season is kicking in with a vengeance, and somehow the “kicking” part puts us in mind of this Angelina Jolie action flick, in which she’s a scantily clad antiquities hunter (!) trying to find a certain artifact before its mysterious powers are activated.

Bingo_2 National Bingo Night
Hopefuls from Phoenix, Los Angeles and Nashville play for a trip around the world, and you can play along at home. Got your marker ready?

Lno Law & Order: Criminal Intent
A repeat but a truly twisty episode, as Det. Logan and Det. Wheeler investigate a case involving a Lothario with a homemade porn video collection, his teenaged son, and his son’s lovely teacher.

“Studio 60” returns

Studio60 Aaron Sorkin’s ill-fated NBC dramedy about life behind the scenes of a “Saturday Night Live” clone won’t be returning in the fall, and the network burns off the remaining episodes beginning tonight at 10. Our friends over at The TV Addict are dissecting What Went Wrong With Studio 60? Among other issues, they note, “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE ain’t the White House. Sorkin’s previous hit, THE WEST WING, swept us up in an idealized version of politics. It gave us a president who was everything we could want in a leader and filled even the least politically minded of us with a spirit of unbridled patriotism. But with SNL as the ostensible backdrop, there’s no way to recapture that sense of unity.”

“ER” DVD Set Goes Under The Knife

Er Our friends at Blogcritics take a look at the seventh season “ER” DVD set today: “While the writing has always kept up a certain level of quality, it is a distinctly different experience now than it was back in 2000-2001, when this season aired. It seems that the episodic budget was higher back in those days. There is a more filmic quality to the episodes, and more intense out of the ER experiences. Fortunately, that is not what the show has always been about, it has usually focused more on the characters, and even those have a different feel today than earlier in the series.”

Get the full review here.

Anna Nicole’s Half Sister Tries To Grab Her Fifteen Minutes

Donnahogan Just when you thought Anna Nicole Smith was resting in peace, a new family member starts trying to make news. Anna Nicole’s half sister, Donna Hogan, is reportedly making a run at a modeling career, getting a boob job and hoping to land in the pages of Playboy.

Find out more about Anna’s half sister at The Gossip Girls >>

What Not to Know about “What Not To Wear”

Carmindy Stacy London and Clinton Kelly are the hosts of TLC’s What Not to Wear. Their regular hairstylist is Nick Arrojo. And then there’s Carmindy. No last name. Just… Carmindy. She’s good, yes, but totally mysterious. She’s 36, she’s from California, and she’s traveled the world doing makeup. She’s married to short-film director Javier Acosta, and that’s about it. I can’t stand for celebrities to have even a shred of privacy. Was Carmindy always her name? What was her childhood like? How did she meet Javier? What’s her last name? We just don’t know and it’s driving me nuts! Anyone have some dirt?

Mary-Kate Olsen on “Weeds,” No Longer Twinned

Weeds Mary-Kate Olsen is coming back to TV, without her sister, but with some interesting baggage. The Hollywood Reporter broke the news this morning that the petite gazillionaire and former “Full House” tot has signed for a 10-episode arc on Showtime’s “Weeds,” the black comedy about a suburban soccer mom who turned pot dealer to keep her family afloat after she’s unexpectedly widowed. This will be the first time we’ve really seen her on screen without sister Ashley – and in something other than a goody two-shoes vanilla bit of family entertainment. Off-camera, of course, there’s been her much publicized treatment for an eating disorder and much gossip-blog snark about her private life. On “Weeds,” she’ll play a nice Christian girl from a nearby megachurch who becomes involved with Parker’s teenaged son on the show. The “Weeds” season begins in August.

“American Idol”: Our Long National Nightmercial is Finally Over

Jordin American Idol
Title: “Finale”
Aired: 5/23/07

And the winner of the sixth season of American Idol is…dim the lights…Jordin Sparks. There, I said it. That took all of four seconds. See how easy it is, Fox? The Little Network That Could, alas, took approximately 1,900 times as long to get to the point that, as they keep reminding us, “America’s been waiting for.” But there’s a healthy streak of cruelty in this show and they love nothing more than to keep America waiting. There’s got to be some differential equation that explains how these elimination episodes get longer as the pool of contestants gets smaller. But, even if there is, you’d still need bizarro world Superman AND a special decoder ring to figure it out.

Continue reading “”American Idol”: Our Long National Nightmercial is Finally Over” »

“Lost”: Bad Vibrations

461pxsea3promo Lost
Title: “Through The Looking Glass”
First Aired: 5/23/07

You can usually tell how surprising an episode of Lost is by the number of notes I take in ALL CAPS.  The finale of season 3 on ABC Wednesday night inspired a lot of caps.  Do we get answers?  Not… exactly.  But we get non-answers in such a tantalizing way that it’s like we’re back in the heyday of season 1 all over again.

Jack, more or less firmly back in the leader seat despite the Losties’ misgivings about his relationship with Juliet, is leading the good guys into the hills to shut down Danielle’s transmission.  Once they do that they can use Naomi’s handy satellite phone to call for help.  As long as Charlie manages to shut down the signal jammers.  So many things could go wrong here that it’s a little like watching someone juggle knives.  Exciting, but you’re just waiting for the blood.

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MeeVee Exclusive Interview with Actor Jon Voight

John_voightThe recent MTV ADD generation will recognize Jon Voight as Angelina Jolie’s father and from his various recent roles in films like Mission Impossible, Tomb Raider, Zoolander and National Treasure. At the recent red carpet event for the World Premiere of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End, MeeVee’s roving reporter Rebekah Dunn caught up with this legendary actor for a quick one-on-one!

So we’re here at the Pirates 3 premiere and what better place to ask the question of what’s the greatest treasure you’ve ever found?
Well the greatest treasure I ever found has to be my children!

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Tonight’s Picks: Thursday, May 24

So_you_think_you_can_dance So You Think You Can DancePremiere
A 90-minute episode kicks off the dancing reality show with everybody’s favorite — auditions.  Check out the popping-and-locking, cabbage-patching, waltzing, tangoing, break-dancing madness.

Pimp_my_ride Pimp My RideMaxima
It’s what every kid dreams of. The guys pimp out a car with a design that includes a cotton candy machine and a robotic arm. Seems like a robotic arm is just asking for a horrible road-rage accident.

Entourage EntourageThe Prince’s Bride
Medellin finds a financial backer, but it’s not all wine and roses. Turtle finally gets a date, but it’s definitely not wine and roses when her father comes along as chaperone. Meanwhile, Drama mulls over a role in Rush Hour 3.

“Gilmore Girls” TV movie wrapup?

Gilmore_2 Our friends at BuzzSugar   that “Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino is mulling a TV movie to wrap up the show – and they say it will depend on cast availability more than anything. Sherman-Palladino was definitely the “Gilmore” auteur, and there was a noticeable dropoff in quality during the final season just ended on CW, no doubt because she wasn’t involved.

An Apolo Ohno Moonshot

Apolo So much discussion of last night’s “Idol” bake-off that we all but forgot the “Dancing With The Stars” finale. Apolo Anton Ohno was the celeb winner and you can read all about it via The Recapist. The ironic thing is that, according to our friends at Televisionista, overnight ratings show DWTS close behind “Idol” last night. Add in the poor ratings for Fox’s “On The Lot” and the two-hour DWTS installment beat Fox for the time period. Who woulda thunk it?

Simon Cowell Sticks Up For The Hoff

DavidhasselhoffAmerican Idol judge Simon Cowell is standing by his man. Cowell, who also executive produces America’s Got Talent, has come out in support of Talent judge David Hasselhoff, who’s been at the center of a media frenzy since a video showing the former Baywatch star drunk surfaced on the internet.

Find out what Simon Cowell said about The Hoff at BuddyTV >>

Nicole Richie Denies Rehab Rumors

Nicolerichie Nicole Richie is in the tabloids again. Rumors that the reality star is back in rehab for anorexia and painkillers have been swirling around, but Richie’s people claim that she’s home and healthy. The vanishing Simple Life star has been in treatment before for her eating disorder and prescription drug abuse.

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Still Waiting to Hear From Caveman-American Community

I have to admit that when I first heard that ABC’s “Cavemen” comedy was getting a green light, I was appalled. However, there are a few good reasons to think that the show has potential. First, it’s a show about stereotypes and misunderstanding, which is always good for laughs. It provides a million opportunities for anomalous or surprising situations. Just look at this promo picture from ABC: cavemen with a hibachi by the pool. I’m waiting for a salon scene where the cavemen get manicures but refuse to trim their signature beards or wax their signature fur.


Another reason to think the show will be good is that the white power organization Stormfront is concerned that it might be gay, Jewish, or “emo.” If Stormfront hates it, it’s got to be worth at least a look.

American Idol: Break a Nose, Kid, This Is It!

Jb American Idol
Title: “Two Finalists Perform”
Aired: 5/22/07

Only two episodes left! Only two contestants remain! Only two judges aren’t doped to the gills on Percodan after breaking their noses in a Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Sleep in Your Bed public service announcement reenactment. Randy is wearing what appears to be Liberace’s Confederate soldier’s outfit. Ryan calls mean/smart judge “Simon Cleavage.” Then he asks Paula about her well-publicized accident, noting that he heard about it “late last night.” “I tripped over my dog, Tulip,” she says. Randy E. Lee inquires over the medical condition of the pooch. “She’s fine,” Paula says. Ryan comes back with, “So, the bitch is ok.” The audience kind of half-boos and Ryan kind of half giggles. Six-year old girls all over America are asking their moms what the word “bitch” means. What on earth? Did I drop acid? If so, I need to figure out where I got it and get more of the stuff. This bizarre, 11th hour balls-to-the-walls energy makes me sad the season is almost over.

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American Idol: This Is Jordin’s Now

American_idol_6_blake_fullUPDATED: If you’re betting the rent money – which we don’t advise – then you’ll want to put it on Jordin Sparks to beat Blake Lewis in the voting to be crowned “American Idol” tonight. As Simon Cowell keeps reminding us, it is a singing competition, and while Blake can beatbox his brains out, his singing voice is a weak instrument compared to Jordin’s. DialIdol scores back up the idea of an easy Jordin win. Plus “Idol” also-rans Antonella Barba (she of the saucy pix), Gina Glocksen (the rockergrrrl) and Haley Scarnato are all pushing hard for Jordin on their MySpace pages. If you go by web searches, though, Argyle Boy is out ahead, although his lead in search traffic is narrowing. UPDATE UPDATED: TMZ reports guests on tonight’s show will include all former “Idol” winners except Fantasia (who’s busy on Broadway), rapper Doug E. Fresh and – wait for it – Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler, who’ll duet with Sanjaya on the Kinks’ “You Really Got Me.” The horror, the horror.

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Totally Frakked: Jericho Fans Get Closure; Emotional Validation

Jericho After bringing the first season of Jericho to a nail-biting cliffhanger ending, CBS followed up by canceling the fledgling show.  A little cruel, perhaps, but them’s the breaks in show biz. Jericho wasn’t performing ratingswise, and the long mid-season break drove viewers away.

When CBS announced the cancellation, they felt the wrath of legions of angry fans across the internets.  Websites were launched, e-petitions were spawned, strongly worded LOLcats were designed — I’m in UR TV, canceling UR show — and the folks at CBS were inundated with emails.  Is fan anger enough to save a sinking ship?

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MeeVee Exclusive Interviews with Cast and Crew of Pirates 3

Pirates_of_the_caribbean_at_worlds_ The wait is over, the third film in the swashbuckling trilogy has arrived! Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At Worlds End has docked and last weekend MeeVee was on the scene for the World Premiere at Disneyland. Fans of the film will no doubt be lining up to learn what has happened to beloved Jack Sparrow and the rest of the Black Pearls crew, but be warned matey, this installment is a lot darker in tone than the previous two. MeeVee’s Steve Czarnecki waited on the world’s longest red carpet (it extended down from Main Street to Adventureland) and was able to chat with key players about this summer’s long-awaited blockbuster!

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Tonight’s Picks: Wednesday, May 22

American_idol_2 American IdolFinale
It’s a great big two-hour finale for the Idol. All 12 finalists return for a special reunion, which will definitely be civilized and totally friendly. Then, the important business of actually selecting a winner.

Lost LostThrough the Looking Glass
Two-hour finales aren’t just for reality TV. The third season concludes with a two-hour special that promises to answer all… no, wait — some… no, wait — a few… no, maybe none of your big questions. Plus, there’s some fighting, and sand, and a jungle.

The_real_world The Real WorldReunion Episode
On the original reality show, all the kids from the Denver house get together to dish dirt, sling mud, and (presumably) make out, in a special reunion show.

Paris Hilton Finds God?

May 22, 2007 at 9:55 pm | Posted in 24, Casting Call, celebrity, Dancing With the Stars, Heroes, Meevee Exclusive, The Office, Totally Frakked | 1 Comment

Paris Hilton Finds God?

Parishilton Paris Hilton has been photographed carrying The Bible lately. P.R. move? Only time will tell. Most convicts don’t find God until they’ve been in the joint for a while, but maybe Paris is just getting a little head start as she prepares for 23 days of spoiled-rich-kid hell behind bars.

Perhaps only divine intervention will get Hilton to understand how laws work.

Find out more about Paris’ newfound spirituality at The Hollywood Gossip >>

Slice of Scifi: Heroes Season 1 On DVD In August

Heroes_2 Heroes has been off the air for 13 whole hours now, and already I’m starting to get the shakes.  Television withdrawal is an ugly thing.  Fortunately for me, I’ll only have to wait till August for Season 1 of Heroes to hit the DVD market.  Slice of Scifi has the details, along with a list of extras that’s enough to make any fanboy drool.  73 minute unaired pilot?  Oh yeah, baby.

“A seven-disc set featuring the never-before-aired 73-minute premiere episode of NBC television’s mega hit “Heroes” becomes available on DVD and HD-DVD on August 28, 2007 from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Ordinary people with extraordinary abilities link a group of complete strangers that may determine the future of the world.”

Read the whole story at Slice of Scifi >>

Paula Abdul Breaks Nose Avoiding Chihuahua

Paulaabdul Paula Abdul has hurt herself yet again. The accident-prone American Idol  judge broke her nose over the weekend as she tripped during an attempt to avoid stepping on her Chihuahua, Tulip. We’re not quite sure how her nose ended up breaking her fall, but stranger things have happened.

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MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Battlestar Galactica’s Mary McDonnell

Mary_mcdonnell_4Mary McDonnell owns quite a diverse resume, with 20 years of theatrical experience preceding a successful film and television career. She costarred with Kevin Costner in Dances with Wolves, played the First Lady in Independence Day, and appeared in a couple of medical series called ER. Mary has also taught acting classes alongside her husband, and now plays the most popular President in the sci-fi universe on Battlestar Galactica.

With recent rumors of next season being BSG‘s last, we wanted to get the word from the head honcho herself. MeeVee’s own Steve Czarnecki ran into Mary on the red carpet of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End premiere, and tried to find out if the good ship Galactica was truly heading to dry dock.

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24: Season Six Goes Boom

24Fans of 24 who were frustrated with much of this season — Audrey again? — could take some solace from Monday’s season finale. Although the series delivered its usual late-season doses of bad dialogue and ludicrous plot twists, the show’s faithful were also rewarded with good acting and genuine suspense.

Read on for our final thoughts on Day Six of 24.


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Totally Frakked: Heroes — All You Need Is Love

Nup_106184_0759 Heroes
Title: “How To Stop An Exploding Man”
First Aired: 5/21/07

Fans of Heroes knew that the finale would provide surprises aplenty, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. The big mystery of the season was solved, the big villain vanquished, the other big villain mostly vanquished, and many questions large and small were answered. And yes, several new mysteries surfaced at the same time, so we got a tantalizing taste of what’s in store for us next season.

We pick up with everyone just about exactly where we left them. D.L. and Niki manage to get away from Linderman’s goons, but D.L. quickly collapses. Niki takes a little time to have herself a good whine, but does eventually leave D.L. in a hallway (couldn’t they have hidden him or something?) and heads off to find Micah. Of course, Candice is waiting for her, all dressed up as Jessica. There’s some hot blonde-on-blonde fist fighting, but Niki gets an inspirational message — and super-strength — from her “Mirror, Mirror” sister and kicks Candice’s skinny butt.

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MeeVee Exclusive! Mini-Interviews with the Celebs of Dancing with the Stars

Dancing_with_the_stars When you’€™re at an event like the World Premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End, and it’s in, of all places, Disneyland, you can expect celebrities from Disney and ABC to come down the red carpet. With the season finale of Dancing with the Stars airing this week, we seized the opportunity to chat with the stars of the show. With the massive amount of media coverage on this particular red carpet,we decided to lay off the standard “Who do you think will win this week?”€ questions everyone else was asking, and just have some pirate-themed fun. Rebekah Brown took to the mic and fired away!

Len_goodman Len Goodman, judge

We know this week is the finale, and we’€™re not going to hound you about who you think will win. Here’s what we want to know: Are you more a prince or a pirate, and why?
Oh, I think I’€™m more of a pirate, because I’€™ve always been a swashbuckling kind of guy who has taken chances — robbed from the rich.

What’s the best treasure you’ve ever found?
My wife, I guess. She’€™s gorgeous!

Do you know any pirate jokes?
What’s a pirate’s favorite TV show? Dancing with the Staaaarrrrrrrrs!

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Casting Call: Uncool Guys Needed

Clapboard Are you the geek half of Beauty and the Geek? Did your friends suggest you go on The Biggest Loser, and you’re not overweight? Life’s not easy for the cool-impaired. You never know what kind of shoes to wear, your hair sticks up, you sit at home watching Animal Planet. It’s a sad story. Thankfully, there’s help on the way!

Do you or someone you know need an injection of COOL from Dr. Steve-O? Steve-O, of Jackass fame, wants to help you become the man you have always wanted to be!

Do you want to get more out of life?

Do you want help becoming a cooler dude?

Dr. Steve-O will change your life!!

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Tonight’s Picks: Tuesday, May 22

American_idol American IdolFinalists Perform
The two remaining finalists perform in the second-to-last episode of the season. Who will be crowned the next American Idol? Will it be Not-Melinda #1, or Not-Melinda #2? The suspense is killing me!

Veronica_mars Veronica MarsThe Bitch Is Back
The canceled-too-soon show concludes with the third-season finale. Veronica is forced to investigate when a sex tape of her with Piz surfaces on the Internet. While she struggles to keep her dad from finding out about the tape, the investigation begins to point toward someone from her past.

Dancing_with_the_stars Dancing with the StarsFinale
After the Week 10 competition, it’s time for the big finale! Which of our celeb-utainers will be crowned the most dexterous and delicate dancer of the season? I’m all on pins and needles!

MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Heroes Star Masi Oka

Masi_oka_2 At this weekend’s World Premiere for Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End at Disneyland, some were whispering and wondering: Why is a major NBC star walking the red carpet at an event filled with ABC and Disney stars?

Any fanboy on the other side of the velvet ropes would tell you is that Masi Oka is no stranger to the Pirates films. Before exploding on screen as time-traveling samurai Hiro Nakamura on Heroes, Masi worked for George Lucas’s special effects company, Industrial Light & Magic. One of Masi’s last projects at ILM was Pirates 2: Dead Man’s Chest! And that’s one to grow on.

MeeVee’s own time-traveling samurai, Steve Czarnecki, was able to catch Masi for a few quick questions before he vanished into the screening.

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Totally Frakked: Geeking Out In The Fall

Pushing_daisies_2 Now is that special time of year when a young TV geek’s heart turns to thoughts of new love.  As the finale’s are airing all around us, we’re reminded that a whole new fleet of shows will be arriving in the fall.  This year brought us the fantastic Heroes, so what’s in store for next year?

Often there’s precious little for the scifi geek to get excited about, but this year it seems like all the networks are geeking out in a big way.  We’ll keep you updated on developing shows as we learn more, but for now, here’s a little of what we know about what’s waiting for us next season.

Pushing Daisies: Our first entry — a modern fantasy with a dose of black comedy — comes to us from ABCIt’s about a fellow named Ned — he bakes pies — who has the ability to raise people from the dead for a short period of time.  You can check out the preview trailer here.

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Britney Spears Storms Off Of Plane Because It Doesn’t Have Leather Seats

Britneyspears Britney, Britney, Britney. What else can we say? This time the pop diva stormed off of a commercial airplane just minutes before takeoff because the plane didn’t have leather seats. As we all know, leather seats are a key component in airline safety these days. Maybe Britney was just looking out for everyone’s well being.

This little drama was just the beginning of what was a really crappy weekend for Brit. Her House Of Blues show in Orlando, Florida was little short of catastrophic.

Find out what happened at The Gossip Girls >>

Totally Frakked: This Week’s Picks

Show off all your SciFi faves
Get your own TV with MeeVee widget

HeroesHow To Stop An Exploding Man : The poop hits the fan in the finale.  Who will explode?
LostThrough The Looking Glass: Jack and the rest of the castaways try to contact Naomi’s ship in the two-hour finale.

Also On:

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End Big Movie Premiere — Cast and crew discuss the third movie and provide a sneak peak at the special effects.
Matrix: Revolutions — The ultimate showdown between man and machine!  Check it out on HBO.
Star Wars — Watch the original film in all it’s remastered glory.  Airing on Showtime this week.

‘The Office’ Actors Get Wild In The Real Scranton, Pa.

Angela Okay, so they didn’t really get wild, but Angela Kinsey and Brain Baumgartner (who play Angela and Kevin on NBC’s The Office) did visit the real-life city where the sitcom is set. They took in some of Scranton’s sights and watering holes mentioned on the show and even toured a local paper company.

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MeeVee Video Top 5: Season Finales — Heroes, The Simpsons, Desperate Housewives

Beaches With summer just around the corner, kids are anxious to get out of school, families are getting more excited about the big family vacation, and television hits the crapper. Reruns, lame game shows, and movie-of-the-week specials are just a taste of the non-euphoric viewings that are synonymous with summer. The good news about the dog days of summer is that just before everything hits the crapper, you get that lovely climax: the season finale.

This week, we hand-picked five of TV’s hottest series to highlight. Catch full episodes of Heroes and Desperate Housewives. After 18 seasons, The Simpsons still remain one of America’s most treasured families. Play The Simpsons trivia game online to see if you have a grasp of all 400 episodes. We also preview bonus clips from America’s Next Top Model, and sneak peeks from the season finale of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman.

Last, but not least, we have a parallel parker who is so bad, she makes Billy Joel seem like a good driver!

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MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Marc Burnett, Executive Producer of FOX’s On the Lot

Burnett[Originally posted 2/9/07]

Recently on the TCA Press Tour, MeeVee’s Steve Czarnecki conversed with English entrepreneur, adventure racing promoter, and television producer Marc Burnett. Here, the creator and executive producer of the hit television series Survivor, The Contender, Eco Challenge, and The Apprentice talks about his next exciting project — the new FOX show On the Lot, a collaboration with motion picture icon Steven Spielberg.

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Casting Call: New Yorkers and Californians In Need of a Makeover

Clapboard Are you in need of an Extreme Makeover? Will no one answer the question: How Do I Look?  If you’d like to trim years off your face, clothes, and style, then it’s time to turn to the serious anti-aging experts! Not everyone can be a beauty queen, especially as the years add up. But if your age has gotten away from you, and you’re looking even older than you are, you need a serious consultation to get you looking your level best again.

TLC is looking for men and women in Southern California and the greater New York Tri-State area who are ready to turn back the clock on TLC’s state-of-the-art makeover show!

No surgery, but all of the latest top-of-the-line techniques will make you look 10 Years Younger!

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Tonight’s Picks: Monday, May 21

2424Day 6 – 4:00 AM to 6:00 AM
The sixth season concludes with a big two-hour episode. Cut off from Josh, Bauer fights to thwart a Russian attack on a U.S. base in central Asia. As long as the bomb doesn’t go off during a commercial break, everything should be alright.

Heroes HeroesHow to Stop an Exploding Man
In the first-season finale, the heroes all converge in New York for the big bang. Peter and Sylar face off; which of them will explode? Who will survive? Will the cheerleader save the world?

Thebachelor The Bachelor: Officer and a GentlemanFinale
The season ends as Andy chooses his bride-to-be. But first, he takes Bevin and Tessa to meet his family in Pennsylvania, and then it’s off to a Hawaiian paradise for their finale dates.

Scrubs Season Five DVDs Will Give You That Sarcasm You’ve Sooooo Been Craving

Scrubs Scrubs is truly one of TV’s feel-good stories. The popular show was prematurely yanked, and then successfully resuscitated for the current sixth season. Now Season Five, the season was almost the last, will debut on DVD tomorrow. Get ready for more bad medicine and snappy remarks.

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The Rumor Mill: The Only Thing Lindsay Lohan Stole Was Our Hearts

May 22, 2007 at 9:52 pm | Posted in American Idol, ANTM, Casting Call, celebrity, Dancing With the Stars, Lost, Smallville, The Bachelor, Totally Frakked | 1 Comment

The Rumor Mill: The Only Thing Lindsay Lohan Stole Was Our Hearts

Lindsay_lohan_thief This week in the Rumor Mill: Tom Cruise may get to “act” like he’s gay, ABC clones Sex and the City over and over again, and the horrible mental image of a naked Michael Jackson. Plus, the Pussycat Dolls pole-dance all over Veronica Mars fans’ hearts. Here’s the best and the juiciest news you can use, plucked ripe from the gossip tree.

A police report filed in April claimed Lindsay Lohan stole $10,000 worth of clothes from a home where a friend was housesitting. This week, the district attorney declined to file charges due to lack of evidence. So while Lindsay may an alcoholic train wreck, any time she’s photographed flashing her hoohah, we can be certain she paid for the clothes that are failing to cover her bits.

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So You Think You Can Dance Host Cat Deeley: “English People Are Ugly”

Catdeeley Cat Deeley, host of So You Think You Can Dance, says that now that she’s working in the US, “everyone notices” her crooked nose.

Well, obviously. Pointing out a crooked nose in England is like pointing out a mullet in Canada — unnecessary.

“You know what? My nose is crooked,” Deeley told In Style Magazine recently. “I’ve been on TV for 10 years in England and no one has mentioned it, but in Los Angeles, everyone notices.”

Cat doesn’t rule out the possibility of having plastic surgery at some point, though she says she doesn’t have anything in particular in mind that she’d like to fix.

Read more about Cat’s proboscis at BuddyTV >>

The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Andy Jogs, Shaves Chest

Andybaldwin The Hollywood Gossip is flashing some hot new pictures of Andy from The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman, jogging shirtless. By “hot,” I mean hot if you like anorexic guys who shave their entire bodies and fake ‘n’ bake. And by “jogging,” I mean standing still and playing with an iPod.

The Bachelor season finale is next week. Tune in to see who’s the lucky, lucky winner!

Check out Andy’s rippling six-pack at The Hollywood Gossip >>

Totally Frakked: Smallville — Not Your Father’s Superman

Title: “Phantom”
First Aired: 5/17/07

At a special screening on the Warner Bros. lot, executive producer Ken Horton talked of Smallville‘s legacy as one of the longest-running superhero shows of all time. He also relayed a behind-the-scenes anecdote of what goes into the crafting of a special-effects scene, in this case how best to kill a character in the season finale. Ken’s answer, “Let’s just blow his head off.” Although this season’s closer ultimately lacks that poignant image, it offers others that make up for it in spades.

“Phantom” is perhaps the most vicious episode in the show’s six seasons. Bloody lips, ripped-out hearts, punctured abdomens, an exploding vehicle with a main character seemingly inside… This is not your father’s Superman, although it is Jor-El’s — and that’s the underlying thrust of the plot.

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Weekend Picks: May 18-20

Law_and_order Law & OrderThe Family Hour
The 18th(!) season concludes with an ex-senator on the chopping block for murder. Thanks to a judge who loves the limelight, the trial quickly becomes a three-ring circus. Why, how outlandish and improbable!

The_simpsons The Simpsons24 Minutes / You Kent Always Say What You Want
The 18th(!!) season concludes with a parody of 24. The Springfield Elementary Counter Truancy Unit (SECTU), protects the school bake sale from disruption by stink bomb. Meanwhile, Kent Brockman gets fired for swearing on the air. The Simpsons (and Law & Order) can now legally vote. That’s a lot of little yellow people.

Desperate_housewives Desperate HousewivesGetting Married Today
It’s merely the third season finale for DH, and Bree’s returning to Wisteria Lane to witness Gaby and Victor’s big fat not-at-all-Greek wedding. As if one wedding wasn’t enough, a surprise wedding takes place in an unexpected location!

FOX Adds Bickering Newscasters, Post-Katrina New Orleans, and The Terminator to Fall Lineup

Backtoyou FOX is hoping to expand its empire next season with a variety of new shows. The network already has a healthy stranglehold on the ratings with its mega-hits American Idol and House. Now, FOX hopes to steal more viewers from rival networks with a smattering of comedies, dramas, and reality shows.

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The CW Announces Its Veronica Mars-Free Lineup

Veronicamars The CW made a bold decision by canceling the much-loved Veronica Mars. After losing Gilmore Girls as well, the network has a challenge ahead. The network, however, is moving forward by adding three new dramas, one comedy, and two reality shows.

See The CW’s new lineup at Jack Myers Media Village >>

Totally Frakked: Supernatural — Carry On My Wayward Son

Sn222b_514b Supernatural
Title: “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part Two”
First Aired: 5/17/07

After a doozy of a set-up last week, Supernatural delivered the knockout blow with style. Plenty of angst, plenty of drama, plenty of Sam’s “The World Hurts Me” face, and of course, a big fat comeuppance sandwich for Ol’ Yellow Eyes.

The episode starts, unsurprisingly, with Sam as dead as the proverbial doornail, and Dean left to chew the scenery all alone. Jensen Ackles does over-the-edge crazy with gusto, and it’s absolutely believable when he runs off to sell his soul just to get his poor dear brother back in the living column. After betting his soul against that fiddle of gold… no, wait, different story, never mind. After making the worst possible deal with a demon — one year of life and Sam back for his soul — Dean is tearfully reunited with baby brother. There’s a little manly arguing about how Sam needs to rest, but Dean eventually caves and the two head off to get together with Bobby.

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Casting Call: Restaurant Owners In Trouble Needed

Clapboard Are you a restaurant owner who’s down in the dumps? Did your Top Chef turn out to be a kitchen disaster? Did you aim for haute cuisine and end up in Hell’s Kitchen? You can be saved! Restaurant owners in need of a serious pick-me-up can get tough love from Chef Ramsay.

Hell hath no fury like an angry chef, and no chef has a sharper temper than Gordon Ramsay when things go wrong in the kitchen. The star of the highly rated culinary boot camp Hell’s Kitchen returns to FOX with another sizzling unscripted series, KITCHEN NIGHTMARES.

This time, Chef Ramsay hits the road, in each episode tackling a restaurant in crisis and exposing the stressful realities of trying to run a successful food business. The third season of Hell’s Kitchen will premiere on FOX this spring.

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ANTM: Renée Alway Does Interview, Steroids (Maybe?)

Reneealway America’s Next Top Model’s resident mom, hottie, and possible Satanist (is that an upside-down cross she’s wearing in this picture?) Renée Alway came off as kind of bitchy on the show, but always looked great. Nevertheless, Tyra Banks booted her for being “all too familiar.” I can neither confirm nor deny the veracity of this statement, because as a handsome young playboy, all models look pretty familiar to me, if you catch my drift.

In any case, Renée recently sat down for an interview with our partners, BuddyTV. Among other things, this is what she had to say:

I’m going to be moving to L.A. in a couple of weeks. I want to get an acting coach. I’m really going to push hard for film, but I’m going to pay my dues, I’m going to get coached on it and get the lessons that I need. I know I have the talent. I just have to take care of it and water it and do whatever you do to talent.

For you readers out there who don’t live in L.A., that was all code for “I’m going to have sex with Pauly Shore.”

Check out Renée’s complete interview at BuddyTV >>

CBS To Unveil Vampires, Nerds, and a Musical Next Season

Cbs CBS may be known for its procedural crime dramas, but apparently the Eye Channel doesn’t want to appear one-dimensional. The network has announced its new fall shows, and it’s clear that the CBS higher-ups are not afraid to take some serious chances. The new slate includes a series about a sexy vampire, a comedy about two nerds and a hot chick, and a dramatic musical (bringing back painful memories of Cop Rock).

Check out CBS’ new shows over at Jack Myers Media Village >>

Paris Hilton Gets Jail Time Reduced For Just Being a Warm Body

Parishilton So much for Paris Hilton learning a lesson from all of her legal problems. The troubled heiress’s prison sentence has been reduced from 45 days to 23 days for “good behavior.” The sentence is reportedly getting reduced simply because Hilton showed up to court. Let the celebrity coddling begin!

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Lost: Charlie’s Angels

461pxsea3promo Lost
Title: “Greatest Hits”
First Aired: 5/16/07

With a two-hour finale waiting in the wings, we had to know that this week’s episode would be all about building the tension. It’s also a Charlie episode, so we’re treated to yet another round of “When Will The Hobbit Die, Already?” The answer? Not this time, suckers.

Desmond kicks things off by telling Charlie — yet again — that he’s going to die, but this time if he dies, it will lead to the Losties getting rescued. So, Charlie’s in a philosophical mood. His flashbacks are all concerned with the big happy moments in his life: learning to swim; hearing his song on the radio; being given his “DS” ring; saving — in a classic Lost coincidence — Sayid’s former sweetie Nadia from a mugger; and meeting Claire for the first time. It’s so sweet that it’s almost enough to make me forget how sick I am of the Charlie Death Pool. Almost.

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American Idol: The Final Two Are… Wait For It…

F3 American Idol
Title: “Results Show”
Aired: 5/16/07

Anyone else get the feeling that even Seacrest is growing weary of these hour-long elimination shows? Perhaps that’s why he had Homer Simpson open it up last night. Before the action starts, we get a five-minute recap of the previous night’s performances, mainly so we can be reminded how Simon says “Merlinder” whenever he addresses Ms.  Doolittle.

The only thing that could make tonight a thrill is if Melinda gets the boot, but that would also doom the finale. Melinda’s wearing a dress emblazoned with the words “Death Cheater,” and you’ve got to wonder if the producers picked her outfit. If you didn’t watch last night, that’s a big hint I just gave you. If you did watch, you know that nothing could really do much for the thrill factor.

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Casting Call: Bay Area Potential Pussycats

Clapboard You don’t have to go through the zoo of the American Idol tryouts to make it big in reality TV. If you’re a San Francisco Bay Area babe with a taste for the spotlight, you’ve got a chance to be on the next season of Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.

CW Bay Area and Aura Nightclub in Pleasanton, California are looking for cast members to appear in the next season of the hit reality TV series Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll. Ultimately, one or more cast members will be invited to be part of a new group inspired by the Pussycat Dolls.

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Tonight’s Picks: Thursday, May 17

Theoffice The OfficeThe Job, Parts 1 and 2
The third season ends with a special one-hour episode. The Dunder-Mifflinites rehash their beach competition antics, and a corporate job opening makes the competition heat up. Michael, Jim, and Karen head to New York to jockey for the new job.

Bob_barker Bob Barker: A Celebration of 50 Years on Television
After 50 years on TV, and 35 years on The Price Is Right, Bob Barker is ready to retire. Celebrate the history of the longest running game show and its iconic host. Bob Barker, come on down!

Scrubs ScrubsMy Rabbit; My Point of No Return
In the sixth season finale, J.D. asks Kim to move in with him. Elliot gets some help with her wedding, but nothing feels right. Are they settling down with the wrong people?  Also, fatherhood changes things for Turk.

Supernatural SupernaturalAll Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2
With the fight between Jake and Sam concluded, Dean is forced to deal with the ugly consequences. The Yellow-Eyed Demon plagues the Winchester boys — he wants a general for his army, and he’s not giving in easily.

Other Season Finales:

Dancing with the Stars: Steve Sanders Slinks Back to KEG House

Ian_ziering In the saddest news since Jerry Falwell’s death, Ian Ziering got the boot on Dancing with the Stars.

The semifinals were the end of the road for 90210 alum Ian Ziering and partner Cheryl Burke. Despite their 58-point finish and hugely well-received “Elvis Jive,” Ian and Cheryl found themselves in the bottom two, along with Apolo Anton Ohno and his partner Julianne. It was a long, hard-fought battle for Ian to overcome his stiff dance floor demeanor, and after proving himself Monday night, now couldn’t be a better time for him to be sent home — on top of his game and leaving the best three dancers left to duke it out in the finals.

More from The Recapist >>

Fox Gives ‘24’ Another 48

Jackbauer Fox has committed to at least two more seasons of the high-tension drama 24. The real-time serial is currently wrapping up its sixth season. Fox hasn’t decided whether 2009 will represent the final season of the show, perhaps waiting to see if the drama can get out of the ratings doldrums before pulling the plug.

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American Idol: Three Times Three Equals Eternity!

Americanidol_finalthree_2007 American Idol
Title: “Final Three Perform”
First Aired: 5/15/07

We’re down to the penultimate performance on American Idol, and pretty-much-just-a-pretty-face host Ryan Seacrest kicks off the hour with the bizarre statement that “the final three have been home and received a hero’s welcome.” He’s evidently forgotten the two wars the U.S. is currently fighting, not to mention all the “heroes” from the “Idol Gives (and Pats Itself on the) Back Night” a few weeks ago.

“It’s all about threes tonight,” Ryan continues. “Three finalists singing three songs each.” One song is picked by the judges, one by the Idol producers, and the final one by the contestants themselves. Oh, and the show is three hours long. Kidding. It only promises to feel that way.

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Casting Call: Spurned Spouses Needed

Clapboard_3 Did you start out as one of the Real Housewives of Orange County, and end up ready to spill your sob-story to Dr. Phil? If it’s splitsville for you and your spouse, then turn to the loving embrace of reality television to make everything better.

Are you having a difficult time coping with your transition? The network that brings you Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and Supernanny has developed the next big uplifting and inspirational show that can help!

The Ex-Wives Club will EMPOWER all women and men. Our hosts Shar Jackson, Angie Everhart, and Marla Maples will help you surface again and overcome your anxieties and fears. If selected for the show, you will be spoiled, pampered, and showered with gifts worth thousands of dollars! Learn how to let go, rebuild self-esteem, and discover the NEW YOU!


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Tonight’s Picks: Wednesday, May 16

Csiny CSI: NYSnow Day
The third season concludes with a bang. Mac and the rest of the CSIs are forced to defend the lab against a drug dealer and his crew when they invade, looking for drugs confiscated in a major drug bust. There will be no easy out for New York’s finest science and crime geeks.

Americasnexttopmodel America’s Next Top Model The Girl Who Becomes America’s Next Top Model
The final three contestants film a cosmetic commercial that sends one girl packing. Then, the final two compete in a full-tilt fashion show in the land Down Under. Only one girl can be the one who has the right stuff. Whom will the judges crown as the next top model?

Bones BonesStargazer In A Puddle
The second season ends with the team investigating the death of a woman with an aging disease. In the meantime, Hodgins and Angel prepare for their wedding bells, and Brennan’s father tries to tell her about her past.

Medium MediumEverything Comes to a Head
Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley continue their guest starring roles as the third season ends.  Meanwhile, it all goes to heck for Allison as her psychic abilities get revealed in a very public way.

NBC Releases Apprentice-Free Lineup, Entire World Cries

Trump NBC has released its 2007-2008 primetime lineup, which features five new dramas and a variety of fresh new reality programs but no Apprentice.

So, does this mean self-made millionaire trust-fund baby Donald Trump will be going back to his normal day job?  And by that I mean calling every celebrity within earshot a fat, ugly, poor loser?  Not necessarily, said a harbinger of bad news.

Although The Apprentice is excluded on NBC’s announcement, it doesn’t imply that the Donald Trump’s show will be coming to an end. “We haven’t made a decision [yet],” NBC Entertainment President Kevin Reilly has told reporters in a press conference. “Donald [Trump] still wants to do it, [The Apprentice executive producer] Mark [Burnett] wants to do it.”

Get the full story at BuddyTV >>

Randy Jackson to Start Dance Show, Dieting

Randyjackson Exhibiting the kind of originality that has made him more famous than Satan, American Idol‘s Randy Jackson has teamed with NBC to create a hip-hop dance reality series this fall.

World Moves is hoping your jones (jackson?) for dance competitions wasn’t sated by So You Think You Can Dance, Dancing with the Stars, America’s Got Talent, and Dr. Phil’s Country Bumpkin Jamboroo that you can’t handle another spate of inane flailing.

World Moves will focus on teams consisting of five to seven members, highlighting both the live dance performances and the behind-the-scenes personal drama. Teams will be eliminated via online, text message, or phone voting. The show does not have a specific premiere date, or even a prospective time slot, NBC saying only that World Moves will debut in late fall.

Check out Randy Jackson’s World Moves at BuddyTV >>

Paris Hilton Might Get Off Easy

Parishilton Paris Hilton might not have to serve all 45 days in jail after all. While petitions are battling to keep Paris out of the slammer or put her behind bars, the L.A. County Sheriff’s office has hinted at the possibility that Paris could get away with a reduced sentence. If this happens, expect to see a full-scale riot from people who have absolutely no life.

Find out why Paris might elude the hoosegow, at Hollywoodscoop >>

ABC Goes Drama-Crazy In New Fall Lineup, Banks On Grey’s Anatomy Spin-Off

Privatepractice ABC’s fall schedule will feature 11 new shows this year, and since drama is clearly the network’s strong suit, seven of the new shows are on the serious side. The most anticipated premiere by far will be the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off, Private Practice. But there are plenty of other intriguing new shows to pass the time in primetime.

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Totally Frakked: Heroes — Super-Emo Heroes Unite!

Nup_105879_0435 Heroes
Title: “Landslide”
First Aired: 5/14/07

When things get going in the penultimate episode of the first season of Heroes, it’s emo fun all around. Claire is emo because she’s not normal, Hiro is emo because his sword got broken, Nathan’s emo because he thinks he’s going to lose the election, and Peter — well, Peter was just born emo.

Once Peter manages not to explode with excitement over meeting Ted for the first time, the Justice League decides that the best way to be safe is for Peter, Claire, and Ted to get the heck out of Dodge so they can’t explode. This would be a great plan if Sylar wasn’t hot on their heels. Pretty much the instant I saw Sylar following Ted, I dispatched flowers to his soon-to-be widow. Or, I would have, if Ted hadn’t already flame-broiled her.

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Casting Call: Trivia Geeks Needed

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Casting Call: Trivia Geeks Needed

Clapboard_2 Are you the Weakest Link, or do you shout out the answers every time you watch Jeopardy?  Anyone can guess which shiny briefcase is full of more cash, but if you’re a hardcore trivia buff, you need a real challenge.  Bring it on, trivia geek, NBC has got the show that is a match for you.

Are you a lover of trivia? Do you have what it takes to take on the mob of 100?
Follow the instructions below to find out how.

1. Make a 5-minute personal videotape of yourself. You may include friends and family but show your life and what makes you a great contestant
2. Fill out an application (include a recent photo of each person)
3. Send it to the 1 vs 100 contestant department.

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Tonight’s Picks: Tuesday, May 15

Gilmore_girls Gilmore GirlsBon Voyage
Say goodbye to the Gilmore Girls! In the series finale, Rory gets a job as a journalist, and Luke organizes the whole town to give her a graduation party. Take your last chance to see Rory, Lorelei, Luke, Lane, and all the rest of the Stars Hollow gang.

American_idol American Idol3 Finalists Remain!
It’s the showdown before the finale, and three singers are duking it out for the top place in America’s heart. The themes are judges’ choice, contestant’s choice, and Clive Davis’s choice. Blake Lewis, Jordin Sparks, and Melinda Doolittle perform.

Dancing_with_the_stars Dancing with the StarsRound Nine
In the semifinals, things are getting hot, hot, hot! The four remaining couples get a chance to perform their favorite dances again, but with all-new music and choreography.

Slice of Scifi: NBC Makes Plans To Keep Jonesing Heroes Fans Happy

Heroes_2 We’re heading towards that ugly time when we Heroes fans will have nothing to do but endlessly rewatch reruns looking for the helix symbol and cursing Sylar’s name.  Not that I have any plans like that, of course.  With the news that the season will be ending on a big cliffhanger, fans are going to be on the edge of our collective seat until Heroes comes back in the fall. Fortunately, NBC understands our pain, and they’re here to help.

“A week from Monday, the freshman hit “Heroes” leaves the airwaves for the summer hiatus. Hopefully, NBC will repeat the entire series to expose new fans to the hit drama. But that does still leave a long stretch of no new episodes for fans of the show.

How can the show stay in the hearts and minds of the fans while off for the summer?

NBC will launch an original Web series, “Inside Heroes,” based on its freshman hit drama, Heroes, May 21 on NBC.com. The site will include include Heroes Character Profiles. Inside Heroes will be an eight-part series which will go behind-the-scenes to look at the show’s production process.”

>> Read the full story at Slice of SciFi

Whoopi Goldberg To Add Some Much-Needed Brain Cells To The View?

Whoopigoldberg The rumor mills are already buzzing about who will replace Rosie O’Donnell on The View. The frontrunner: Whoopi Goldberg. Nothing is official yet, but Whoopi appears to be the favorite to round out the chat-fest.

Find out who else is in the running at Glitterati Gossip >>

Totally Frakked: This Week’s Picks

Show off all your SciFi faves
Get your own TV with MeeVee widget

HeroesLandslide: Nathan tries to decide what to do, Ted and Peter try not to explode.
LostGreatest Hits: Jack and Sayid hatch a plan to deal with the Others, but it means danger for Charlie.
SupernaturalAll Hell Breaks Loose, Part 2: After Sam gets stabbed, it’s up to Dean to fight the demons and save the day.
SmallvillePhantom: In the finale, Lana tells Lex it’s over.  Clark tries to find the last Phantom Zone wraith.
Stargate SG-1Bad Guys: The SG team gets trapped in a museum, and must pose as hostage takers in order to escape.
Stargate AtlantisThe Ark: The Atlantis team revives a group of people in suspended animation, but their past is restless.

NBC Adds ‘Heroes’ Spin-off, Newfangled ‘Bionic Woman” To Fall Schedule

Heroes NBC is inching closer to its dream of having an all Heroes-related network this fall. Next season will feature a new spin-off of the mega-hit, called Origins, as well as a new and improved Bionic Woman, a time-traveling reporter, and the return of both Jerry Seinfeld and Brooke Shields to your television screen.

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MeeVee Video Top 5: Comedy — Two and a Half Men, According to Jim, The Office

Laughter Laughter is the best medicine. Got a hemorrhoid? Laugh. Got a tumor? Laugh. Born as a Siamese Twin? Laugh (just don’t laugh too hard if your conjoined counterpart is sleeping). Who needs medical insurance when you can just tune in to your favorite sitcom each week? You’ll save thousands in Medicare expenses in the long run.

This week, Video Top 5 picked out some of the top comedies on TV today. Take a behind-the-scenes look at Charlie and the gang of Two and a Half Men. Just don’t get too close, ’cause if Charlie likes ya, you’ll be in his Black Book in no time!

Missed any action on According to Jim? Catch up by watching full episodes online. Tap into The Office‘s acclaimed Webisodes. We also feature Family Guy‘s Clips of the Day. Think you know a lot about Curb Your Enthusiasm? Find out by taking the online trivia game. Good luck!

Finally this week, we have the video you’ve been waiting for: David Hasselhoff, drunk as a skunk! Talk about hitting rock bottom!

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Totally Frakked: Smallville — Superboy vs. Super-Soldier

Title: “Prototype”
First Aired: 5/10/07

Lingering plot threads finally weave together in the latest Smallville. The episode begins with an attack on one of Lex’s Project 33.1 labs. The attacker is revealed to be the project’s experimental super-powered soldier, who is actually being tested by the lab.

This prototype (hence the episode’s title) is to be the first of many such warriors, all under Luthor’s command. Lex claims he’s creating an army to protect the world from the ever-increasing number of super-freaks flying about. Could he be telling the truth, or could he be… Oh, come on now. Of course he’s lying — he’s Lex Luthor!

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Casting Call: The Next Great Band Wanted

Clapboard On American Idol, you have to be a one-man (or woman) show. On The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll, you get to be a member of a mega-hit group that already exists. If you’ve already got your backup (or if you are the backup), the producers of American Idol have the show to rocket you and your group to super-stardom.

The producers behind mega-hit phenomenon American Idol take the musical reality genre to a whole new level, as they embark on a quest to find the next American band sensation that will take the nation by storm. The Search For the Next Great American Band (working title) will scour the country, seeking musical groups of all ages, styles, and genres, with hundreds of bands auditioning for a shot at stardom.

After the auditions, judges will narrow down hopefuls from all walks of musical life — young and old, family and friends, garage bands and weekend warriors — to 10 semi-finalists, who will perform in front of a live studio audience. Viewers will then get a chance to vote for their favorite bands via telephone and text messaging to determine who stays in the competition.

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Tonight’s Picks: Monday, May 14

King_of_queens King of QueensChina Syndrome
The series concludes after nine seasons with a special one-hour episode. Doug wants a divorce; Carrie wants to stay together and adopt a baby. Will it be curtains for the royal family? Watch them joke their last.

How_i_met_your_mother How I Met Your MotherSomething Blue
It’s Lily and Marshall’s wedding reception, and Barney finds out that Ted and Robin have a big secret they’ve been keeping. Are they getting married? Are they breaking up? Is Robin pregnant?  Will Barney drive them crazy until they spill the beans? Tune in for the season finale.

Csi_miami CSI: MiamiBorn to Kill
In the season finale, Horatio and the team hunt down a serial killer who marks his victims with a Y. When he’s captured, he blames his double-Y chromosomes for his killing. That’s even worse than the Twinkie defense.

Jaime Pressly Joins the Hot Mom Club

Jamiepressly Jaime Pressly has officially popped out a child.

The My Name Is Earl star gave birth to little Dezi James Calvo on Friday, May 11. Both mother and son are doing fine. This is Pressly’s first child. The baby-daddy is her fiancé, Eric Calvo (aka Eric Cubiche), who works as a DJ.

Read all about the new baby boy at The Hollywood Gossip >>

American Idol Producers to Repackage Same Show Into Battle of the Bands

Sanjaya The masterminds behind American Idol are at it again. That is to say, they are stealing another unoriginal concept and hoping to take it to the bank. The Search for the Next Great American Band (short, snappy title, huh?) will scour the country searching for the Sanjaya of musical groups.

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The Rumor Mill: Drunk is the New Black

Drunkhasselhoff This week in The Rumor Mill: Jessica Simpson’s boobs are scary, Lost will make sense one day, and being drunk is fun but potentially embarrassing. Here’s what people will be talking about at all the best soirées, cocktail parties, and keggers this weekend.
Favorite hunks past and present took alcohol-fueled hits to their images this week. In the wake of Baywatch beefcake David Hasselhoff’s drunken struggle with a cheeseburger, squeaky-clean Extreme Makeover: Home Edition hottie Ty Pennington was arrested for DUI. If women wanted to fantasize about sloppy drunks, they’d keep their eyes open in bed.

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Totally Frakked: Supernatural — Ol’ Yellow Eyes Is Back In Town

Title: “All Hell Breaks Loose, Part One”
First Aired: 5/10/07

One of the best things about this week’s Supernatural is that the most OMGWTFBBQ moment is delivered as nothing more than a single line of dialogue in a flashback scene. Oh yes, there’s drama a-plenty, and hell is most certainly breaking loose, but it’s one tiny revelation about a character that sets the whole story of the Winchester boys on its ear.

The previews had us pretty well prepared for what was going down, so it comes as no surprise when Sam is kidnapped out of a diner. Dean — who was waiting in the car — runs into the diner after his radio goes haywire. He finds the telltale sulfur — and the even more telltale diner full of people with their throats cut — but no Sam. Sam, on the other hand, wakes up lying on the ground in a middle of a ghost town (a literal ghost town, so haunted that its inhabitants were forced to flee, as we’ll discover later in some exposition).  He’s not alone, though — Andy (from “Simon Said”) and Ava (from “Hunted,” who has apparently been here since she disappeared five months ago, but remembers nothing) are here, along with Jake, a soldier with super-strength, and Lily, an angsty lesbian who can stop people’s hearts just by touching them. Ouch! I’d be angsty too.

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Casting Call: Strangers Wanted for The Real World

Clapboard_2 Way back in the Stone Age of reality TV, before there was an American Idol or Survivor, there was a little show about seven strangers put in a house to live together. If you ever wanted to be part of reality TV history, here’s your chance. The Real World is casting for its 20th (and possibly final) season. Check out The Real World casting site, whether you want to be part of the action or just want to be judge and jury for Real World hopefuls.

The Real World casting site is designed to be a highly immersive experience that engages viewers on multiple levels, from castee to judge. Viewers who join the community can register to be considered for the show, or serve as judges to help determine who makes the cut. In either instance, they are connected to the larger community of The Real World fans who share similar passions and who want to stay connected to — and help influence — the story arcs, characters, and themes they see on-air.

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Weekend Picks: May 11-13

Ghostwhisperer Ghost WhispererThe Gathering
In the second season finale, Melinda receives clues from the ghost prophet that she must understand in order to keep the dark from overtaking the light. Maybe Master Yoda can help?

Survivorfiji Survivor: Fiji5 Contestants Remain!
It’s getting hot in here! One of the contestants finds a way to eavesdrop on the others, and overhears the plot to get him ousted. The drama ramps up as another competitor tries to use a reward as a bargaining chip. Who will remain?

7thheaven 7th HeavenAnd Away We Go
The Colonel gives Eric and Annie an RV, but when they plan a trip around the country, the guest list gets longer and longer. How much of the CamClan can you fit in an RV?

America’s Next Top Model: Dionne Gets Dominated

DionneDionne, the 20-year-old student from Montgomery, Alabama, got the boot this week on America’s Next Top Model. She became the tenth girl eliminated, reducing the pool from four girls to three.

The latest installment saw the girls meet with Aboriginal elder Uncle Max and his niece Calita, who taught them about the native Australian art of storytelling through dance. (But in the words of Derek Zoolander, “How many aboriginals do you see modeling?”) Using these skills, the ass-piring Tyras created a dance through body art, movement, and speech to represent their personal journeys.

Naturally, in a modeling contest, it all comes down to how much you believe in yourself (riiight…). It was just such a question that seemed to be a sticking point for Dionne.

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Totally Frakked: Link-O-Rama

Wehastrouble01_2 Here are some of the latest Sci-fi tidbits from some of our favorite sources:

MTV Announces Presenters and Performers for Unpredictable 2007 Movie Awards

Jessicaalba MTV’s Movie Awards are kind of the black sheep of the movie awards family. They’re a little more dangerous, a little more hip, and they relate to the younger generation in a way the Oscars simply cannot. Thus, the presenters and performers tend to represent the cutting edge in music and movies. This year is no exception, as such names as Rihanna, Jay-Z, Jessica Alba, and Shia LaBeouf will take to the stage.

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Paris Hilton Petitions Battle For Useless Petition Supremacy

Parishilton Yesterday, we playfully suggested that someone start an anti-Paris Hilton petition to make sure the troublesome heiress serves her 45 days in jail. Today, tens of thousands of people have signed a petition urging just that. Thank you for listening, but we were just kidding.

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Lost: Daddy Dearest

461pxsea3promo Lost
Title: “The Man Behind The Curtain”
First Aired: 5/9/07

Surely, the thing missing on Lost was a character with serious daddy issues. No, wait, that’s basically the entire cast. As of this episode, you can add Ben to that list. Along with revelations of more bad parenting, we get a tantalizing glimpse of the mysterious leader of the Others, a reckoning for Jack and Juliet, and a serious bit of bad news for Locke.  It’s a good time all around. Well, it’s a bad time, really, but it’s good for the audience.

In flashbacks, we learn that Ben was born prematurely when his mother went into labor in the woods. Ben’s dad, Roger, is aided by DHARMA Initiative doctors — though they’re clearly not on the island — when he comes running out of the woods. Since they couldn’t save Ben’s mother from dying of complications, they apparently felt obligated to give him a job about 12 years later.  Ooookay.

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MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Traveler Star Aaron Stanford

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MeeVee Exclusive! Interview with Traveler Star Aaron Stanford

Will_traveler_aaron_2 Tonight, ABC offers us a sneak preview of its latest serial drama, Traveler. On the show, Aaron Stanford (X-Men, Tadpole) plays the title character, Will Traveler, a seemingly harmless post grad student who sets up his two best friends as suspects in a major terrorist bomb plot. In this exclusive interview with Aaron, TV with MeeVee’s Managing Editor, Marjorie Kase, gets to know the man behind this cunning character.

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Casting Call: Strangers Wanted for The Real World

Clapboard_2 Way back in the Stone Age of reality TV, before there was an American Idol or Survivor, there was a little show about seven strangers put in a house to live together. If you ever wanted to be part of reality TV history, here’s your chance. The Real World is casting for its 20th (and possibly final) season. Check out The Real World casting site, whether you want to be part of the action or just want to be judge and jury for Real World hopefuls.

The Real World casting site is designed to be a highly immersive experience that engages viewers on multiple levels, from castee to judge. Viewers who join the community can register to be considered for the show, or serve as judges to help determine who makes the cut. In either instance, they are connected to the larger community of The Real World fans who share similar passions and who want to stay connected to — and help influence — the story arcs, characters, and themes they see on-air.

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Weekend Picks: May 11-13

Ghostwhisperer Ghost WhispererThe Gathering
In the second season finale, Melinda receives clues from the ghost prophet that she must understand in order to keep the dark from overtaking the light. Maybe Master Yoda can help?

Survivorfiji Survivor: Fiji5 Contestants Remain!
It’s getting hot in here! One of the contestants finds a way to eavesdrop on the others, and overhears the plot to get him ousted. The drama ramps up as another competitor tries to use a reward as a bargaining chip. Who will remain?

7thheaven 7th HeavenAnd Away We Go
The Colonel gives Eric and Annie an RV, but when they plan a trip around the country, the guest list gets longer and longer. How much of the CamClan can you fit in an RV?

America’s Next Top Model: Dionne Gets Dominated

Dionne Getting the boot this week on America’s Next Top Model was Dionne, the 20-year-old student from Montgomery, Alabama.  She became the tenth girl eliminated, reducing the pool from four girls to three.

The latest installment saw the girls meet with Aboriginal Elder Uncle Max and his niece Calita, who taught them about the native Australian art of storytelling through dance (But in the words of Derek Zoolander, “How many abidiginals do you see modelling?”).  Using these skills, the ass-piring Tyras created a dance through body art, movement, and oral speech to represent their personal journeys.

Naturally, in a modelling contest, it all comes down to how much you believe in yourself (riiight), and it was just such a question that seemed to be a sticking point for Dionne.

During the judging panel, the girls were tasked with evaluating each other in terms of who had the most and least amount of Top Model potential (Did they want to know who could hack it as Psychology Today’s next covergirl, or Jeremy Piven’s next F-buddy, one wonders?).

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Totally Frakked: Link-O-Rama

Wehastrouble01_2 Here are some of the latest Scifi tidbits from some of our favorite sources:

– In a bit of Very Serious News, Live Granades has the famous Trouble With Tribbles episode of Star Trek done as LOLCats.

– The awesome Heroes fancast, The 10th Wonder Podcast, has an exclusive clip of next week’s episode. I’ll try not to dance around the office like a gibbering fangeek. Warning! Here there be spoilers!

– Show Me SciFi lets us know that BSG babe Katee Sackhoff is returning to scifi this Saturday with The Sentinel. Is it good?  Apparently not.  Will we watch it anyway?  Probably, yeah.

– Sci Fi Wire has the answer for those of you who can’t get enough of those Winchester boys; Supernatural Companion books will be coming soon!  Check out “a history of Sam’s pouty faces” on page 114, and “Dean’s butt in a wide variety of jeans” on page 226.

– From Slice of Scifi, NBC is so happy with Medium that they’ve gone ahead and ordered a fourth season early.

– Anime fans will get the hookup from the Sci Fi Channel, they’re unveiling their new Ani-Monday.  This ain’t no Pokemon buddy, this is the real deal.

– From Inside The Box has an interview with Lost producers Damon Lindelhof and Carlton Cuse about the future of the show.

MTV Announces Presenters And Performers For Unpredictable 2007 Movie Awards

Jessicaalba MTV’s Movie Awards are kind of the black sheep of the movie awards family. They’re a little more dangerous, a little more hip, and they relate to the younger generation in a way the Oscars simply cannot. Thus, the presenters and performers tend to represent the cutting edge in music and movies. This year is no exception, as such names as Rihanna, Jay-Z, Jessica Alba, and Shia LaBeouf will take to the stage.

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Paris Hilton Petitions Battle For Useless Petition Supremacy

Parishilton Yesterday, we playfully suggested that someone start an anti-Paris Hilton petition to make sure the troublesome heiress serves her 45 days in jail. Today, tens of thousands of people have signed a petition urging just that. Thank you for listening, but we were just kidding.

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Lost: Daddy Dearest

461pxsea3promo Lost
Title: “The Man Behind The Curtain”
First Aired: 5/9/07

Surely, the thing missing on Lost was a character with serious daddy issues. No, wait, that’s basically the entire cast. As of this episode, you can add Ben to that list. Along with revelations of more bad parenting, we get a tantalizing glimpse of the mysterious leader of the Others, a reckoning for Jack and Juliet, and a serious bit of bad news for Locke.  It’s a good time all around. Well, it’s a bad time, really, but it’s good for the audience.

In flashbacks, we learn that Ben was born prematurely when his mother went into labor in the woods. Ben’s dad, Roger, is aided by DHARMA Initiative doctors — though they’re clearly not on the island — when he comes running out of the woods. Since they couldn’t save Ben’s mother from dying of complications, they apparently felt obligated to give him a job about 12 years later.  Ooookay.

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Traveler: Ramble On, Ramble Off

Title: “Pilot”
Sneak Preview: Thursday, May 10 on ABC

Perhaps ABC can blame the inevitable flop of its new serial drama Traveler on the inordinately high bar set by its marketing geniuses. “There is life after Lost,” the ads insist.

Sneak previewing€ tonight, but officially premiering May 30, Traveler has as many twists and turns as a well-used pipe cleaner. Unfortunately, it’€™s just about as compelling as one, too.


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Casting Call: Teens Wanted

Clapboard Teenagers, want to know if you can hack it?  You might be too young for the cutthroat world of The Apprentice, and no one is letting you on Survivor (not that it’s anything like the real world), but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a chance to see what the adult world is like.

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Tonight’s Picks: Thursday, May 10

Traveler TravelerPilot Episode
Three friends take a cross country trip after college. When a prank on a museum goes awry, two of them become suspected terrorists and are forced to go on the lam. Check out MeeVee’s exclusive interview with star Aaron Stanford.

Supernatural_7SupernaturalAll Hell Breaks Loose
Part 1 of 2: Sam is kidnapped by the Yellow-Eyed Demon and taken to a ghost town where others with special abilities are staying. The Demon has a plan to start a war against the human race, and he wants Sam on his side when the battle lines are drawn.

The_office The OfficeBeach Games
Michael’s under consideration for a corporate position. To find his successor, he takes the team to the beach and puts them through a series of grueling games. It’s Survivor: Dunder-Mifflin — outwit, outplay, outlast.

American Idol: You Go, Girl! No, Seriously… Go Home!

LakjonesAmerican Idol
Title: “The Lowest Vote Getter Out of Top 4 Contestants Eliminated”
First Aired: 5/9/07

Lakisha Jones has been kicked off the show! Was it right, America? Was it a tragedy? Was it overdue? Hell, I don’t know. I’ve gone Paula Ab-dumb from the hour-long commercial I just watched.

You know the one; it starts off talking about “42 million votes” and “results,” and then goes on to blather about Ford trucks, movie premieres, Coca-Cola, and Maxi Pads. I think they call it American Idol.

Ever heard of it? These people have:  

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Top Chef Rings in the New With the Old, Gay

Padma_lakshmi_top_chefTop Chef 3: Miami kicks off with an hour-long charity cook-off featuring teams from Seasons One and Two competing against each other, and a pretentious douche-off between Steven from Season One and Marcel from Season Two. (Okay, so perhaps that last part is just wishful thinking.)

The new season of Top Chef will feature 15 new chefs from all over the country, and a new judge, Ted Allen from Queer Eye. As you might also infer from the title, it will be filmed in Miami Beach.

BuddyTV has the complete list of contestants >>

The Rumor Mill: Pirates, Paris, and Britney! Britney! Britney!


This week in the Rumor Mill: Veronica Mars suffers from a lack of Pussycat attitude; Courtney Love organizes a garage sale; Anna Nicole’s baby is officially an American; and Britney just can’t help being Britney. Here’s everything you need to know to sparkle around the water cooler or in line for a latte this week.


Let’s hope that Baby Phat makes a belly-baring orange jumpsuit for Paris Hilton to wear during her upcoming 45 days in the clink. Apparently, the judge didn’t buy it when she pleaded innocence on the grounds that her assistants didn’t tell her that her license had been suspended. Her agent says the experience should be great for Paris’s career, as the LA County Jail houses the only people in the city she hasn’t yet been videotaped sleeping with.

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Paris Hilton Asks Arnold For Help As Idiots Petition To Keep Heiress Out of Jail

Parishilton Warning: The following information may cause your head to explode. (Or at least itch to point where you’ll need to scratch it.)

Paris Hilton, facing the unimaginable thought of spending 45 days in jail (read: no manicures, no cucumber facials), has appealed to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a last-ditch effort to avoid serving time. Meanwhile, thousands of people have already signed a petition to keep Paris from heading to the hoosegow. Really.

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MTV’s ‘Dropout Chronicles’ to Document Underachieving High School Kids

Thinkmtv While MTV may be poisoning our nation’s youth with Justin Timberlake videos and mindless reality shows, it’s also airing some of the most relevant documentaries around about young people and the issues surrounding them. Tonight thinkMTV (MTV’s series exploring current social issues) is premiering The Dropout Chronicles. This documentary follows the lives of three high schoolers on the brink of dropping out, and attempts to pinpoint why school isn’t working out for them.

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Casting Call: Homeowners In Need of a Color Pick-Me-Up

ClapboardNot everybody is ready for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. It’s a big commitment, after all. If you’re looking to put some pizazz in your place, but aren’t quite ready to go Extreme, then it’s time for some help from HGTV.

Want a Color Specialist to redecorate a room in your home? Now’s your chance!

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Tonight’s Picks: Wednesday, May 9

Jericho_2 JerichoWhy We Fight
It’s first-season finale time for Jericho! The citizens of Jericho face off against the entirely superior forces of New Bern, and Johnston tries desperately to scrape out a victory against a stronger foe. It doesn’t exactly look promising for the Jericho crowd. We few, we happy few, we band of buggered.

Medium MediumHeads Will Roll
Jason Priestley’s character returns as the investigation into the murder of his wife continues.  Meanwhile, Allison uses her mad skills to find and catch a serial killer. Then, she has to decide whether to tell her BFF, Neve Campbell, about her disturbing dream.

One_tree_hill One Tree HillIt Gets the Worst At Night
Mouth and Rachel’s road trip goes horribly awry, and Mouth calls in the cavalry. The gang departs on a rescue mission and drama ensues. Nathan and Haley get a second chance to enjoy their prom, and Brooke finally reveals the truth about the stolen calculus exam.

American Idol: How Do You Pronounce Anticlimactic?

Blake4American Idol
Title: “The Top 4 Contestants Compete”
First Aired: 5/8/07

Well, the age-old question has been answered: Yes, it is indeed possible for something to both suck and blow at the same time. Last night’s Idol episode proved it!

Just when we thought we were getting to the “real” competition, the final four showdown that we’ve all been waiting on, American Idol laid an egg! With guest coach Barry Gibb (of BeeGees fame) running the show, the contestants were the worst they’ve been in months.

So, how could this long-awaited showdown have been such a disaster? The answer’s simple:

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Jeremy Piven Still Has Hair, Dates America’s Next Top Model Winner

MelrosebickerstaffandjeremypivenIn the most shocking news since the realization that Jeremy Piven still has hair (seriously, how the hell is this possible? Watch PCU — dude was 80% bald a decade ago), he’s also dating America’s Next Top Model Cycle 7 Winner Melrose Bickerstaff.

Melrose Bickerstaff — it’s like the old porn star name trick. You pick a street for your first name, then two unrelated words smushed together for a last name. My porn star name is Elm Fidgetbush — what’s yours?

Anyway, Pennsylvania Weaselbottom Bickerstaff has now jumped at least three steps ahead of Adrianne Curry in the former reality star power couple standings. Good for her!

Get the rest of the story at BuddyTV >>

Paris Hilton Rehires Publicist, Appeals That Dumb Jail Sentence Thingy

May 8, 2007 at 11:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

Paris Hilton Rehires Publicist, Appeals That Dumb Jail Sentence Thingy

Parishilton Paris Hilton has rewarded her publicist’s attempt to absorb the blame for her recent bust for driving without a license and rehired him. Longtime Hilton publicist Elliot Mintz has attempted to take full responsibility for Paris’ inability to understand what a suspended license means. Hilton is appealing her sentence to 45 days in jail for driving without a license after a DUI bust cost her that privilege.

Get the full scoop at The Gossip Girls >>

Hasselhoff Loses Visitation Rights With His Daughters Due To Shirtless, Drunken Video

Davidhasselhoff See the video here!

The Hoff has officially been hassled. A Los Angeles judge has temporarily suspended David Hasselhoff’s visitation rights with his two teenage daughters. The decision comes only a few days after the release of a video showing the former Baywatch star drunk as a skunk, shirtless, and barely able to eat a hamburger.

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Bachelor Season 3 Star Engaged to Model, Show Still Feigns Reality

Ivanaandandrew2 As the field on The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman narrows to Amber, Bevin, Tessa, and Danielle, Bachelor Season Three star Andrew Firestone gets engaged.

The 31-year-old, who proposed to contestant Jennifer Schefft on the season finale — before they split a few months later — is now betrothed to Serbian model Ivana Bozilovic.

Schefft went on to appear in The Bachelorette, rejecting the proposals of her final two suitors.

Jeez, no wonder she and Andrew didn’t work out. There’s just no pleasing women. Er… some women.

Read more about Andrew’s engagement at BuddyTV >>

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Totally Frakked: Heroes — It’s About to Get Real… Any Time Now

Nup_105637_0539 Heroes
Title: “The Hard Part”
First Aired: 5/7/07

Despite the title of this episode, it seems like the hard part is yet to come for our intrepid heroes. This week sets us up with a nasty cliffhanger, and you can almost hear the writers cackling with glee as we freak out at our television sets.

Not that we do that sort of thing, of course.

Hiro and Ando return to the present with the comic book that Isaac drew, the last issue of 9th Wonders! Isaac helpfully drew the pictures, and forgot to fill in all the little speech bubbles, which presents us with two interesting questions: Why did Isaac suck so bad, and is anyone sad about him being dead?  Hiro decides to go visit Isaac — if it were anyone but Hiro, I’d assume that the intention was to punch Isaac right in his artsy face — but alas, so sad, Isaac is all deadified.

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Casting Call: Boors and Brats Wanted

Clapboard_2 Get rejected by The Bachelor because you were too uncouth? Did even Beauty and the Geek turn you down? If you’re a guy (or a girl for that matter) who just doesn’t have a clue when it comes to etiquette, then do what all of America does with its problems. Turn to reality TV!

Go from Jerk to Gentleman and from Gross to Gracious with the help of The Learning Channel. Ever been unsure how to act or what to do in a formal or social setting? Do you have an upcoming social event that will require you to be on your best behavior? Could you or someone you know benefit from a crash course in good manners?

Mind Your Manners, a new primetime series on The Learning Channel, will help smooth out all of your rough edges. TLC’s manners experts will teach you how to act and what to do in any social situation. You’ll never embarrass yourself or offend anyone else again!

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Tonight’s Picks: Tuesday, May 8

American_idol_2 American IdolTop 4 Perform Live!
The Top Four belt it out to win America’s heart and the big prize. Will someone crack under the pressure? God, we can only hope so — nobody likes grace under pressure. The theme is BeeGees songs, so break out your platforms and your bell-bottoms and get ready for a little disco fever!

Dancing_with_the_stars_2 Dancing with the Stars8th Round Results
Results from the Latin and Ballroom competition on Monday. Also, Nelly Furtado performs “All Good Things” and “I’m Like a Bird”; Maksim Chmerkovskiy has a dance-off with his with brother Val. As if this weren’t enough, Jimmy Kimmel also teaches us all how to waltz. Will the fun never stop?

Gilmore_girls Gilmore GirlsUnto the Breach
Rory and Paris graduate! At the big graduation party, Lorelai and Chris figure out if they can stand each other anymore, and Logan proposes to Rory. Will there be wedding bells for the junior Lorelai?

Totally Frakked: Lost Schedule As Weird As Lost Plot

May 7, 2007 at 10:41 pm | Posted in Casting Call, celebrity, Lost, Totally Frakked | 2 Comments

Totally Frakked: Lost Schedule As Weird As Lost Plot

461pxsea3promo_2 After weeks of rumors about how Lost would be scheduled going forward, we’ve finally been given a clear answer.  In typical Lost style, it isn’t the answer you’d expect and it sounds slightly insane.  According to an article in USA Today, Lost is slated to run until 2010 for three shortened seasons of 16 episodes a piece.  The shortened seasons will be aired without breaks (a la 24) to allow the story to be more tightly constructed.

The goal is to turn Lost into a television event instead of ordinary television.  At 16 episodes a season it will be more like a mini-series than a traditional hour-long show.  The knee-jerk reaction might be to call this gimmicky, but if the creators make the right use of the tools they’ve been given, this could be the best thing that ever happened to our poor castaways.

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Slice of SciFi: Amanda Tapping of SG-1 stars in web series

1ssgajc05 Major Carter fans can rejoice, you’ll still be able to see the brainy babe of SG-1 after Stargate takes its final bow later this month.  She’ll be the star of a new web-based series called Sanctuary.  Slice of Scifi has the scoop.

“Stage 3 Media Inc., an independent production company based in Vancouver, British Columbia, has announced the release of a five-minute sneak preview of “Sanctuary,” the compelling new online science fiction series starring internationally-renowned actor Amanda Tapping (Stargate: SG-1, Stargate Atlantis). Showcasing exclusive scenes featuring characters and creatures that inhabit the fascinating world of “Sanctuary,” the sneak preview is now available online at Sanctuary For All.”

>> Get the full story at Slice of Scifi 

‘Lost’ Fans Will Get Closure In Three Years

Lost We’ve been hearing for a while that Lost won’t be on for too much longer. Now ABC has announced that the show has been extended for three more seasons. Although each season will be shorter than previous seasons (16 episodes as opposed to 23), it should give the show time to tie up the unending string of loose ends.

Read all about it at Give Me My Remote >>

Paris Hilton Will Serve Jail Time, But It’s Apparently Still Not Her Fault

Parishilton Paris Hilton has been sentenced to 45 days in jail for her October arrest for driving without a license. The brilliant heiress claims that she did not understand that her license had been suspended following a DUI arrest one month earlier. Now her newly fired publicist is showing his allegiance to the all-powerful Hilton family by taking the bullet and claiming responsibility for the misunderstanding.

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Totally Frakked: Sci-Fi Picks of the Week

Show off all your SciFi faves
Get your own TV with MeeVee widget

HeroesThe Hard Part: Nathan is determined to win the election; Hiro and Ando still want to save the world.
LostThe Man Behind The Curtain: Ben starts to show Locke the island’s secrets. In the meantime, Juliet’s secret is out.
SupernaturalAll Hell Breaks Loose: Sam gets kidnapped by the Yellow-Eyed-Demon and taken to his recruitment camp.
SmallvillePrototype: A corrupt senator threatens to expose Lex’s plans, so Lex sends his new super-soldier on a killing mission.
JerichoWhy We Fight: The residents of Jericho face off against the awesome threat of New Bern.
Stargate SG-1Bounty: Hunters are dispatched to kill the SG team, interfering with Mitchell’s high school reunion.
Stargate AtlantisThe Game: Sheppard and McKay compete in a real-time strategy game they find on Atlantis.

On the Lot to Become American Idol for Aspiring Directors

Leia Fox has announced the judges for its upcoming reality show On the Lot, an American Idol-like search for the next “great director.”

On the Lot is a joint venture between reality genius Mark Burnett (Survivor) and cinema legend Steven Spielberg. The competition will subject filmmaker hopefuls to “Hollywood Boot Camp,” in which they will pitch film submissions, create a film short in 24 hours, and — hopefully — advance to the “Film Premiere” round.

The aspiring directors / reality TV prostitutes will be judged by actress Carrie Fisher and film directors Brett Ratner, Jon Avnet, and Garry Marshall.

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Casting Call: New York Sous-Chefs

Clapboard Shows like Top Chef and Iron Chef America are all about the culinary rock stars. It’s time that the workhorses of the cooking world got a chance to strut their stuff for the TV cameras! Sous-chefs have the skills, the endurance, and the style — all without the prima donna drama of the superchefs.

Are you a top sous-chef? Prove it on The Food Network!

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Tonight’s Picks: Monday, May 7

Heroes HeroesThe Hard Part
Nathan’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the election. D.L. and Niki learn more about what Linderman has in store for them, and we learn more about creepy, creepy Sylar. He’s just an unfortunate product of his environment, Your Honor.

How_i_met_your_mother How I Met Your MotherSomething Borrowed
Absolutely everything goes wrong on Lily and Marshall’s big day, and the least likely person jumps in to save the day. Also, check out the winning line from the “Barneyisms” contest, which airs in this episode.

Girlfriends GirlfriendsA House Divided
Eldon’s parishioners aren’t too happy with Lynn as his choice of girlfriend, and he’s forced to make a tough decision. Joan and Aaron have their first fight.

Paris Hilton Heads to Jail: “Orange is So NOT My Color”

Paris_hilton_2 A judge has sentenced Simple Life / sex tape ingenue Paris Hilton to 45 days of penal haute cuisine and tragically uninspired orange jumpsuits for violating her probation.

In a shockingly un-Hollywood ending, Superior Court Judge Michael T. Sauer ruled that Paris will not be eligible for work release, furloughs, use of an alternative jail, or electronic monitoring in lieu of jail.

Hilton will make her way to the slammer on June 5.

Get the full story on Glitterati Gossip >>

Let’s Save October Road!

Octoberroad After six great episodes, the first season of ABC’s October Road has come to a close. Some questions have been answered, while others (like, what is going on with Gavin Goddard?!) still need to be resolved.

ABC has not yet picked up this incredible show for a second season. Visit Jack Myers Media Village and leave a comment about how much you love October Road. We’ll send them to ABC and let them know that the fans need this show to return!

Totally Frakked: Smallville — Here’s Looking at You, Kent

Title: “Noir”
First Aired: 5/3/07

The latest Smallville is entitled “Noir,” as in film noir, the genre known for hard-boiled hyperbole and double-crossing dames (though not necessarily in that order).

It’s movie night for lovebirds Jimmy and Chloe, except that she has to cancel due to a late night at work. Young Mr. Olsen, however, has a back-up plan. He cobbles together their own private theater in the basement of the Daily Planet, complete with popcorn, projector, and the Humphrey Bogart classic, The Big Sleep.

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Britney Spears Is Officially Embarrassing Her Family

Britneyspears Britney Spears’s strange behavior may be entertaining to the general public, but her family is reportedly not amused. Brit’s aunt is the latest relative to speak out about the pop star’s recent antics and urge Britney to clean up her act.

Get the full scoop over at PopSugar >>

Drunk Hasselhoff Video Shows a Hard Fall Off the Wagon

Davidhasselhoff See the video here!

David Hasselhoff’s battle with alcoholism has become a rather public one. A new home video has surfaced, showing the Baywatch legend completely smashed, dressed in only blue jeans, attempting to eat a hamburger. The video was shot by his 16-year-old daughter to document her father in this embarrassing state.

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The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Interview with “Steph Kansas”

Stephanie_w Stephanie Wilhite, the non-Asian half of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman‘s latest crop of castoffs, recently sat down for a conference call interview in which she sounded pretty darn articulate for a 23-year-old blonde from Kansas.

The perky project manager played her cards pretty close to her chest in the face of Andy’s cheesy needling. Would she be equally tight-lipped with the press? Will she have some insight into Andy’s shaved chest, speech impediment, or propensity for embarrassing one-liners?

Tell us, Steph, what are your dreams?

Continue reading “The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Interview with “Steph Kansas”” »

Totally Frakked: Supernatural — When You Wish Upon a Djinn

Sn220_d131b Supernatural
Title: “What Is And What Should Never Be”
First Aired: 5/3/07

If you’re going to trot out the old “be careful what you wish for” cliché, you might want to do it the way Supernatural did — with a really creepy tattooed Djinn. There may be no new ground broken here, but old ground is covered with a hearty helping of spooky — not to mention some trademark Dean Angst-O-Palooza.

After a quick set-up that shows that the Winchesters are on the hunt for a Djinn, Dean heads into an abandoned building and gets jumped. The Djinn — complete with tattoo-covered cranium — hits Dean with his icky blue light show and BOOM! Dean wakes up… in bed… with a hot chick. Oh, no! The horror! It seems as though Dean’s wishes have been granted. His mother is still alive, Sam is in California with his — no longer dead — girlfriend Jessica, and Dean has that hot chick — her name is Carmen — and a regular job in Lawrence, Kansas. Nothing’s perfect of course: Dad is still dead, but this time at least, he went peacefully in his sleep.

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Casting Call: Fun and Funny People Needed

Clapboard Not everybody is tough enough for Survivor or crazy enough for Amazing Race, but that doesn’t mean you can’t compete! Fun, funny people are needed at ABC.

Do your family and friends consider you the life of the party? Are you ready to have a great time on stage in front of America? ABC is CASTING NOW for National Bingo Night, and looking for enthusiastic people and colorful characters who are ready to win a lot of cash and prizes.

You don’t need the physical endurance of an Olympian or a genius IQ to bring home money and prizes. This game is all about Lady Luck and enthusiasm. If you enjoy games of chance and seeing just how far your luck will take you, then you’ll love this family-friendly game show. The rules are simple, no tricks, and anyone can play.

Apply now or nominate someone you think is a great character or the life of the party!

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Weekend Picks: May 4-6

Saturday_night_live Saturday Night LiveBest of 2006-07
All the best from the current season gets recapped. Included are Jake Gyllenhaal’s Dreamgirls drag monologue and “Weekend Update” segments with Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers. If you don’t watch SNL because it’s only funny 10% of the time, this is that 10%.

Amazing_race Amazing Race: All-Stars The Final Leg
It’s the end of the road for the all-stars. The final three teams cross the finish line to find out who wins the million-dollar grand prize. The tension is killing me!

Cold_case Cold CaseStalker
The season finishes off with a bang: The Cold Case team is held hostage by a suicidal killer while they try to investigate the murder of an entire family.

Gilmore Girls Is Officially Done, But Will Live On Syndication For Decades

Gilmoregirls We’ve been hearing the rumors for a while, but The CW announced today that Gilmore Girls will be no more. The show had a good run, delivering snappy banter for a full seven seasons. Luckily, fans will be able to catch reruns until the end of time.

Get the details on Gilmore Girls’ cancellation at BuzzSugar >>

Topless Britney Spears Photos Hit the Internet, Adding One Grain of Sand to the Beach

BritneyspearsSee the photos here!

Britney Spears is at it again. Conveniently timed right in the middle of her House Of Blues comeback tour, photos of the pop star posing topless in a garden with flowers covering her nipples have popped up all over the Internet. This girl simply doesn’t like wearing clothes.

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Totally Frakked: Heroes EW Covers Contain Secret Clues

Heroes_logo The mysterious, clue-heavy finale of Heroes and the shameless “buy our magazine 5 times” propaganda of Entertainment Weekly — two great tastes that taste great together.  In preparation for the gigantically long three part finale of Heroes, Entertainment Weekly has put out five new covers that sport the heroes and villains of the hit show.  Hidden in among the stylized — and frankly a little weird looking — photos are clues and hints to what will happen next.

I could wax lyrical about the Heroes easter eggs that seem to litter the internet — and now the covers of magazines — and how much fun they are for those of us who are a wee bit… obsessive, but instead I’ll just thank TV Squad for the heads up and tell you to go check out the covers.

Pirate Master Contestants Announced: Two Beards?!

Piratemastercast CBS has released the list of 16 contestants who will compete against one another in Pirate Master, Survivor producer Mark Burnett’s latest reality show. The big news? Only two measly beards in the whole bunch. What kind of pirate show is that?

Luckily, there appear to be a couple of white people with dreadlocks. As everyone knows, white people with dreadlocks are the lowest form of life on Earth, just below club promoters.

According to Burnett, all 16 contestants “knew a lot about the world of pirates and all agree that had they been born 250 years ago, they’d like to have been pirates.” Guess what, pansies? There are plenty of pirates still around, and the fact that none of you are among them speaks volumes.

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The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Amber’s Boss Gets Demoted

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The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Amber’s Boss Gets Demoted

MeeveeamberThe principal of the school where The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman contestant Amber Alchalabi taught fourth grade has been demoted for allowing Amber to appear on the show.

Amber is one of the final four women remaining on the show. Her principal, Tammie Carpenter, “will be reassigned to another campus and demoted” to assistant principal, the Houston Chronicle reports. Amber will not be disciplined.

That “decision has angered many parents who support Principal Tammie Carpenter, saying she did nothing wrong in allowing Amber Alchalabi to miss 22 class days to tape the show. School officials said 10 of the missed days were unpaid.”

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America’s Next Top Model: Finding the Next Psychology Today Covergirl

MeeveeyoannahousepsycholoAmerica’s Next Top Model is fun to watch for the ridiculous girl drama and to see Tyra Banks convince herself and others that posing for pictures takes skill, but what does the winner get out of it? The show’s called America’s Next Top Model, and yet its most (arguably its only) recognizable alumna, Adrienne Curry, is known mainly for doing two separate reality shows after ANTM and for posing naked in Playboy.  Cycle 2 winner Yoanna House, on the other hand, has graced the cover of such haute magazines as Psychology Today.

So where are they now? BuddyTV has the scoop on who’s hot, and who’s hawking heartworm medicine.

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Lost: Nobody’s On Nobody’s Side

109437_006_pre_2 Lost
Title: “The Brig”
First Aired: 5/2/07

This week’s Lost was 100% flashback-free. Except for the “on the island” flashbacks. And one shot of Locke falling out a window. Well anyway, mostly flashback-free. But if you’re worried that the lack of flashbacks means no weird coincidences or family drama… well, that just wouldn’t be the Lost we know and love.

The pseudo-flashbacks tell us the story of what Locke has been doing with the Others since Ben revealed that he had daddy on ice. Ben tells Locke that in order to be one of them, he has to kill his dad. Of course, Ben doesn’t explain why — he just gets out of his wheelchair and tells Locke that he’s been getting better ever since Locke arrived among the Others. There’s no emoticon that expresses how confused I am at this point.


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Casting Call: Let’s Make a Deal — Or No Deal

Clapboard_2 American Idol or Dancing with the Stars may bring you fame, but there’s not much money in them. If you want the serious cash, you need to turn to the game shows. If you’ve dreamed of your chance to buff Howie’s head, or drool over metal briefcases, now’s the time!
The Deal or No Deal casting bus is on the road! Find out at the NBC site if the bus is stopping somewhere near you. Stops will be updated regularly, so keep checking back!

Tonight’s Picks: Thursday, May 3

Greys_anatomy Grey’s AnatomyThe Other Side Of This Life (Part 1)
Addison takes a road trip to LA and considers a new job. Mark treats a patient who doesn’t just want his scalpel. Burke has reservations about marrying Christina and asks the wrong person what to do. All this next time, on As The Stethoscope Turns.
Er ERI Don’t
Luka plans a formal dinner for the ER staff, and then springs a surprise wedding on Abby. She’s not exactly pleased with this turn of events. Will love prevail? Will they? Won’t they? Oh my God, just do it already.
The_office The OfficeWomen’s Appreciation
When Phyllis gets flashed by a perv, Michael tries to comfort the ladies by taking them out for a special luncheon. Meanwhile, Dwight and Andy go vigilante and try to hunt down the flasher.
Tyra_banks Tyra BanksThursday
Hilary Duff reveals all! Of something. Tyra interviews the pudgy celebrities from Celebrity Fit Camp, and nearly breaks her chair trying to get away from Tom Cruise.  No, wait — a fuzzy rodent, not Tom Cruise.

American Idol: And Then There Was One…(Dude Left)

ChrisrichardsonAmerican Idol
Title: “Lowest 2 Vote Getters Out of Top 6 Eliminated”
First Aired: 5/2/07

Did you miss last night’s American Idol episode?  You lucky bastard!

It went a little something like this: Ryan Seacrest said, “This… is American Idol,” and then the whole world went to sleep. Or at least they should have. Those who didn’t were forced to sit for an hour and watch the celluloid grass grow. Even Seacrest knew this extra-long results show would be weak, as he started it off by making a sarcastic remark about the lack of “filler” that was coming our way.

So, as the definition of sarcasm would dictate, our way was soon deep-throated with filler. Luckily for us, though, there was one proverbial “money shot”!

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READY Totally Frakked: CBS Gets A Little Spookier

Cbs_logo CBS isn’t a network known for wackiness, or for airing genre shows for that matter (see: Old Christine, According to Jim). If CBS goes through with even some of what it has planned for its fall lineup, well; the times, they are a changin’. The Eye has got plenty of dependeble hits in their stable of shows, and while many might see this as a good time for laurel resting and playing it safe, CBS has decided to take some real chances.

What does this mean for Sci-fi fans? Nothing but good news. CBS has three — count ’em, three — genre shows in development this season.Zombies, Vampires, and Demons, oh my! They may go the way of so many genre shows and die an ignominious death after poor marketing and bad scheduling, but who knows, we might get at least one keeper out of the bunch.

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‘Newhart’ Actor Tom Poston Goes To Handyman Heaven

Tomposton Journeyman comic actor Tom Poston has passed away at the age of 85. He was best known for his role as the eccentric handyman on Newhart, but Poston had a somewhat prolific career in television…

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Dead, Naked Paris Hilton Sculpture Turns Some Heads

Parishilton Paris Hilton has been immortalized in a less-than-flattering way, but it’s all for a good cause. Sculptor Daniel Edwards is set to unveil his newest masterpiece, “Paris Hilton Autopsy,” which portrays the famous socialite naked on an autopsy table with her legs suspiciously spread open and her little dog Tinkerbell at her side.

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The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Tina and Steph Kansas Get Out-Cheesed

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The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman — Tina and Steph Kansas Get Out-Cheesed

Bachelorgroup If last week’s episode of The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman proved that the way to win a guy over was not to regale him with tales of competitive girl drama, this week’s episode proved that when a man is courting you, you can’t let him sound more feminine than you.

Doctor, naval officer, chest shaver, and through-teeth talker Andy has been delivering classically cheesy one-liners throughout the series, like some bastard offspring of Vince Vaughn and the Dalai Lama. Last night’s episode was no exception. A few examples:

“This tastes beautiful… just like you.”

“Tell me about your dreams.”

“My heart is full when I’m with you.”

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Insanely Thorough Dancing with the Stars Recap

Ianzier Hey, kids! It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. That’s right, an insanely thorough Dancing with the Stars recap.

From Television Without Pity:
Laila’s the only woman left now that Heather is gone! I forget sometimes that Billy Ray is still on this show. Doesn’t it seem like he should have been gone like three weeks ago? And yet, there he is in all of his boot-scooting glory.

Ian really needs to lay off the tanning or the teeth whitening. I think you can do one or the other, but when you do both, it just looks weird. After the couples are introduced, Tom and Samantha are giddy with the giggles as they announce that the couples had to learn two dances this week.

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Totally Frakked: Hot Wet Sci Fi Summer

Scifi_logo_2 If you were wondering what Totally Frakked was going to do with its summer vacation, have no fear: The Sci Fi Channel has announced its big summer lineup.  They’re super-duper excited about it — but are we? Let’s take a look at the good, the bad, and the ugly.


Destination Truth — Premieres June 6
The Skinny: One-hour adventure/reality series follows host Josh Gates around the world while he and his crew hunt for the creepy and the ooky.
Pros: Can a show that features El Chupacabra possibly be bad?
Cons: Can a show that features Bigfoot possibly be good?

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Casting Call: Divorcing Couples Wanted

Clapboard Did your marriage leave you more desperate than the most Desperate Housewives? Was your Wedding Story a flop? Just because you’re getting divorced doesn’t mean you have to hate each other, and it doesn’t mean you have to be single, either.

If you and your ex-spouse are interested in helping each other move on, Bravo wants you!

Bravo and MadJack Entertainment are putting a new spin on the dating show: getting divorced mates to play matchmaker for each other. It’s a very new take on the whole concept of dating and relationships. They want to explore your relationship, the fundamentals of your marriage and split-up, what attracted you to each other in the first place, and what other people find attractive about your relationship — and you!

To apply, please visit:

Tonight’s Picks: Wednesday, May 2

Lost LostThe Brig
Locke ditches his Other buddies and hooks up with Sawyer for a little R & R & K: rest, relaxation, and kidnapping. Locke’s got Ben, and wants Sawyer to do him in. Surely, Sawyer is above such violence! Wait… no.
Jericho JerichoCoalition of the Willing
New Bern gets its panties in a bunch and starts shelling Jericho. Gray has to decide whether to fight or surrender while the city blows up around him. No pressure.

Medium_2 MediumHead Games
Neve Campbell and Jason Priestley guest star in an all-’90s episode of Medium. Priestley is a man whom Allison puts away for murdering his wife, but she’s still plagued by dreams of the crime. What’s up with that?

American Idol: Best Episode EVER!

LakishaAmerican Idol
Title: “Top 6 Contestants Compete (Again!)”
First Aired: 5/1/07

Seriously, did you see that? Take all of the best moments from this season, roll ’em up in some Zig-Zags, and blammo!, you’ve got last night’s episode in a blunt shell.

Now, for those who prefer regular English: Last night’s episode was tip-top, with more storylines than Alec Baldwin has issues. Where should we start? Okay, how about this…

First, Jordin Sparks sucked it up. Then, Lakisha Jones sang so well that Simon Cowell kissed her on the mouth. Next, Blake Lewis brought back the beat-box. What else? Hmm… oh yeah, Jon Bon Jovi was in the house. Also, the President of the United States showed up. For real!

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Totally Frakked: Dead Like Me Returns In Movie Form

Dead_like_me_2 Good news for everyone — I like to call them “people with taste” — who mourned the far-too-soon cancellation of Dead Like Me. The Showtime series will return in the form of a made-for-DVD movie.

Dead Like Me, much like creator Bryan Fuller’s other project, Wonderfalls, fell off the air far too soon. The story revolved around George, a teenage girl who met an ignominious end — a toilet seat from a space station fell on her head — and found work in the afterlife as a grim reaper, stealing the souls of those about to die.

A pitch-black comedy with a modern fantasy bent, Dead Like Me never really found a wide audience, but it deserved one. If you’re a fan, you’re probably already putting the new movie on your wish list, if you haven’t seen the show, pick up the DVDs and check it out. You won’t be disappointed.

Read more about the DVD release on SyFy Portal >>

Ooo La La! Ellen Will Host Talk Show From Bed

Ellendegeneres Okay, it’s not really like it sounds. Ellen DeGeneres taped her talk show Monday from a hospital bed after injuring her back. Doctors have placed Ellen on bed rest, so she decided to just shlep the hospital bed out on stage and host the show as usual.

Find out how bad Ellen’s injury is, at The Hollywood Gossip >>

Birkhead Finally Takes Anna Nicole Smith’s Baby Home

Larrybirkhead After a much-publicized paternity battle with Howard K. Stern, Larry Birkhead has finally landed on American soil with his baby, Dannielynn. The new father arrived in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky this afternoon with the well-behaved child. This represents the first time Dannielynn has left the Bahamas since the untimely death of her mother, Anna Nicole Smith.

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Totally Frakked: Heroes — Back to the Future

Nup_105715_0376 Heroes
Title: “String Theory”
First Aired: 4/30/07

The latest episode of Heroes takes us five years into the future and back again, because conventional linear storytelling is for sissy girly-men. Ando and Hiro accidentally teleport themselves to a future in which New York blew up. Nathan is President, Bennet is running the underground railroad, and Claire is a brunette. I feel like I’ve been taking crazy pills!

Hiro arrives in the future, only to be confronted by… Hiro. It’s a grim look into what may come. Sure, FutureHiro may be a sword-wielding badass, but he’s also really angsty and has terrible facial hair. Fortunately, FutureHiro and PresentHiro are only in the same place for a few minutes, because the dialogue gets confusing fast:

Ando: “Go talk to yourself.”
PresentHiro: “No way — I scare me.”

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Casting Call: Calling Single Women

ClapboardAll right, girls — ready for A Wedding Story? If you’re looking for the perfect guy, maybe it’s time to turn to the hit reality show The Bachelor to find Mr. Right. Stop kissing frogs and find yourself a real prince.

The Bachelor will soon be taping its eleventh season! Read on for instructions on how to be a part of the fairy tale. Please visit The Bachelor casting site to familiarize yourself with the contestant rules and to apply.

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Tonight’s Picks: Tuesday, May 1

Veronica_mars Veronica MarsUn-American Graffiti
Finally back! After being away so long, super-sleuth Veronica is on the trail of a hate crime at a local restaurant. In the meantime, Keith gets drunk with power and checks for fake IDs at the local bars.

American_idol American IdolSix Finalists Left!
With America jonesing for silly-looking hair, Idol brings on Jon Bon Jovi to give us a little relief.  Now that the finalists are done “giving back,” it’s time to get down to the important business — being catty. Wait, we mean singing. Yeah.
Tate_donovan Law & Order: Criminal IntentRocket Man
It’s “ripped from the headlines” time as Goren and Eames investigate the murder of a pair of astronauts. Tate Donovan guest stars as a very naughty space cadet who ends up dead after sleeping around on his wife.

American Idol Chick (Jessica Sierra) Gets Arrested

Jessicasierra They say that in the future, 63.7% of Americans will have been contestants on American Idol. Honestly, who out there didn’t go to high school with at least one person who could sing as well as any of the finalists on that show?

Anyway, until then, we’ll be able to entertain ourselves every time a former contestant gets arrested for smashing a cocktail glass on someone’s head — as Jessica Sierra did this weekend.

[Jessica], who reportedly has been working as a Hooters waitress in Florida, was busted early Sunday morning by police in Tampa. Police say she was “uncooperative”when they led her away — and that they had to threaten to shackle her legs because she threatened to kick out the windows of the patrol car.

Get the rest of the story from TVgasm >>

Totally Frakked: SciFi Picks of the Week

Show off all your SciFi faves
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HeroesString Theory: Five years gone, what happened to the heroes after New York blew up?
LostThe Brig: Locke ditches The Others, grabs Sawyer, and goes out on a manhunt. Ah, good times.
SupernaturalWhat Is And What Should Never Be: A Djinn puts the whammy on Dean, sending him home to mommy.
SmallvilleNoir: Jimmy dreams of Smallville in the 1940s. Maybe George Reeves will be there.
JerichoCoalition Of The Willing: As the residents fight over resources, Jericho gets bombed.
Stargate SG-1The Shroud: The Team deals with a prior of the Ori, and it’s the last person they’d expect.
Stargate AtlantisTao of Rodney: Rodney gets zapped and develops super powers. Uh oh.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Is Preggers

ElisabethhasselbeckThe View‘s Elisabeth Hasselbeck announced today that she is with child. This represents the first piece of news coming from the show in recent memory that doesn’t involve Rosie O’Donnell. Rejoice!

Read all about the good news at Give Me My Remote >>

Alec Baldwin Plans to Write Book Bashing Kim Basinger

Alecbaldwin Alec Baldwin has been a busy man lately. The 30 Rock star’s family life has been turned inside out ever since the leak of an angry voicemail he left on his 11-year-old daughter Ireland’s cell phone, in which he called her a “rude, thoughtless little pig.”

Baldwin has apologized for the outburst, and is intent on letting the world know that ex-wife Kim Basinger drove the usually smooth-talking Baldwin to lash out after years of “parental alienation” — by writing a book on the subject.

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MeeVee Video Top 5: Doctor Dramas — Grey’s Anatomy, ER, House

Doctor Real-life doctors have crappy handwriting, their hands are always cold, and for the most part, they’re uninteresting. TV doctors are a whole different breed. Their pseudo-lives keep audiences coming back for more every week. Between the steamy love affairs and the controversial decisions, there isn’t a lot of room for boring. If real-life women had doctors who looked like Patrick Dempsey, serious cases of hypochondria would run rampant throughout the nation.

This week, Video Top 5 pays homage to doctor dramas. Watch clips of the hottest current medical series, Grey’s Anatomy. Check out two-minute replays and interviews with the cast of ER. Thrill to the piano stylings of Hugh Laurie, as Dave Matthews makes a guest appearance on House. We also feature Nip/Tuck and General Hospital clips.

Finally, our YouTube clip of the week shows the importance of NOT interrupting a business call.

Make sure to catch our exclusive videos, take two aspirin, and get plenty of fluids and bed rest. Enjoy!

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Totally Frakked: Smallville — The Calm Before the Storm

Title: “Nemesis”
First Aired: 4/26/07

A day after Kevin Tillman accused the US Army of lying about the friendly fire that killed his brother in Afghanistan, the latest Smallville arrives with unintentionally eerie timing.

In “Nemesis,” a military wife bent on uncovering the truth behind her husband’s “death” comes gunning (literally) for Lex after unearthing a Luthorcorp connection. Lex denies any wrongdoing, and sides with the Army’s assessment of friendly fire. She doesn’t believe him. Is Lex telling the truth, or could he give our President a run for his money in the cover-up department?

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